Friday, May 20, 2011

A letter to the 16 year old me

Inspired by Timothy and Audrey

Dear 16 years old Fiona,
I think I owe you one, so let me warn you about the future. Let me explain slowly. You are very excited about growing up, yes I know all about that. You can’t wait to leave high school and want to behave like an adult, right? I’m not going to ask you to concentrate in your studies because you won’t. You have a boyfriend and you think he’s the best. But you’re wrong and I’ll explain why later.  Let’s just skip ahead to graduation aight? Your best friends, Jenny, Alison, Christine, and Rachel promised to keep in touch and also signed a photo album you made in memories of high school. Don’t be disappointed but ya’ll never did keep in touch. Maybe an occasionally a “how are you?”, but that’s all.

Don’t forget that 5 months later, you are going to serve national service for 3 months in a God forsaken place called Kuala Kubu Bahru. Even till now, I don’t know where that is. You will cry a lot because you missed home and your boyfriend. Not to worry, you will meet Ivy, Cheryl, Neeta, Claudie and Daniella. All you guys will stick together the whole time and try not to fake your sickness with Ivy that often. The whole camp will recognize you both as the M.C. girls. There will also be a boy in the camp that likes you but that is not the reason why you broke up with your boyfriend.  You learn that the world is a huge place with lots to explore and he is (sorry to do this but eventually you’ll find out) a loser. Few years later he ended up impregnating a girl who just got out of high school and got married. Yeah, thank me later for saving your ass.

After leaving camp, you and Neeta flew to Kuching to meet Ivy. You had an awesome time there for about a week but let’s just say, what happened there, stays there.  Moving on, you wanted to go college but then you regret for your SPM results sucks. You manage to get in to SEGi College studying American Degree Program. Surprisingly your results weren’t too bad. The first semester, you drove to college every day. In SEGi, you will meet friends like Samantha, Roseline, Vivi, Victor, Jordan and lots more people! And you also moved to USJ 2 with Vivi, Victor and Jordan. You will be extremely excited with the new found freedom.  One night, you went clubbing with Samantha and the best thing happened to you. You will meet a guy by the name Shaun. He will ask for your number and you guys ended up together. He is a very nice guy and totally your type. He can cook French, Chinese, and Western food. Also he plays basketball and acoustic guitar very well. Just try not to bring him home and meet your dad so often cz your dad thinks he’s perfect and give you a hard time when you dumped him. I’m not crazy but 1 ½ years later you dump him for the world. Yes, you wanted to explore more and being with him you felt tied down. This is when the road of no return begins. You started to party a lot and meet lots of new people. You start to date Kenny’s friend Richard. Again I will tell you, he is a nice guy only the timing was wrong.  Six months later, ya’ll fight a lot mostly because you partied a lot and also did things that ended up hurting him and regretting it yourself. Just remember it’s no one’s fault but you. Nonetheless, both of you tried very hard to sustain the relationship. Even though things didn’t work out, ya’ll remained friends until today.

Very quickly, 2 years flew by and you wanted to study in America so you transferred to Inti College and moved to Ss15 as well. There you will meet Nagen, Vidya, Jun Hwang, Umar , Roohi and some other friends.  . Oh, don’t forget that Samantha and Roseline will keep in touch and meet up with you occasionally. On your 21st birthday, you threw a pool party in Ss14 and got wasted. A year passed and your dad will forbid you to America and you ended up working for him. Then Nagen and Jun Hwang will be leaving Msia for America, leaving you and Umar behind. But be thankful, you will need Umar to go through all the tough times later.  You will also meet a guy who is 10 years older than you. Do not freak out because you will be 22 and legal. Just try to not fall in love so hard for him. He will not appreciate it. You will be flying to New York to be reunited with your mom since you last saw her 10 years ago. You were there for 3 weeks and had the time of your life experiencing the first snow and blizzard. Not to mention the shopping haul that you came back with. Few months later, you think things between you and bf is getting serious. You are wrong. He will break your heart to a million pieces. You will also have a hard time forgetting him. For months you will have nightmare and sleepless nights and all he cares is to hurt you even more. You don’t know whether to thank him for giving you a lifetime lesson or giving you the lifetime pain.  You are not sure when you will ever fully let him go. Also, thank your sister in law, Coco because she was there for you not all but most of the times. She encouraged you to go chase your dream in which, you will confidently. Do not beat yourself up but you will fail for the first time. Do not give up because not everyone succeeds on the first try. You will find something very useful online and that help you to make your dream come true.

23 years old Fiona.

P/S: Write me a letter on what you want. I’ll try my best to work on it.