Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's BGBK's birthday today and I have a surprise for him!!!!! It took me about 3 and half hours to prepare it with some damages done. Well, that's not the point!! This is actually the first time I'm surprising him and I don't know how well he take the surprise or does he actually like surprises. I'm actually getting very paranoid. What if it didn't go as I planned? What if he didn't like the surprise? What if the surprise, wasn't much to him? At this point, I feel like I need someone to shake me real hard and tell me it's gonna be okay. 

Yeah, worst come to worst, he's gonna hate the surprise and thinks I'm a sucky planner. That's all rite? *hyperventilates* Oh wait, he had a car accident yesterday. Nothing serious, he's not hurt. Thank God. Someone hit him at the back. And I know he's not too happy about it. What if this incident affected his mood? sigh

 I remember he said that he will appreciate everything that I do, but....  IDK... I think I'm just being paranoid. humphh... I always does this. There will always be something to worried about which is completely unnecessary! There will be a million things that runs thru my mind with all the "What if". For now, all I hope is that he'll like the surprise. In the mean time, let me go back to my what ifs. 

P/S: Happy Birthday BGBK! 

Have a awesome weekend and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

22nd on 22nd

When I'm done with 21st, I kinda slowed down on my parties and hopefully, my drinking too. So after work, I went to BGBK's place to change and get ready. Not to mention I'm running late, so I just walked in and wanted to immediately get ready. But, he stopped me, and pulled out a bouquet of flowers! 

They're soooo beautiful!! 

After that, I went and get ready for our dinner. But he's one sneaky fella. As we were about to leave, he pulled out Tiramisu from Alexis. God knows how I surprised and stoned I was. ><

It's deffos the most delicious cake ever. XD We ended up so full that we decided to go for a light dinner instead. Hahaha... My dinner plan failed max!! 

After dinner, we headed to Library the Curve for some chill drinking session with some friends that turned out not so chill for me. ==

Howevilla members 

Roseline and Samantha 

Oh, how can I forget that Roseline babe, got me a birthday pressie! teeheeeee... They made me open the pressie on the spot! 

It's a lingerie! ahahahaha..... So seeee thru! And excuse me. Gotta sensor my face. tooo obscene already. LOL..

Thanks babe! I it. 

Then the party is crashed joined by Aires and the gang. It's sooo nice to see them after such a lonnng time! 

And then, there's another cake! Thanks to Alvin Goh for the arrangements. 

In all the following photos, I  looked super weird cz I'm caught off guard and still in the surprise mode. teeehheeee...

  Even BGBK looks weird here! LOL...

Make a wish! *I want..................................

Made time for some camwhoring session with the Sri Lankan! XD I told him that I like to camwhore with him cz he made me look prettier. HAHAHA..

Thank you Mr.Onn!

Bryan came late! hmph...

I was quite 'there' when I took this photo. ><

A birthday will not be complete without a Flaming Lamborghini rite? Thanks Stevie Wonder!

From now on, do not focus on me in the photos, please focus on the guy behind me, Bryan.

Can you SEEEEEEE that!? OMG. I didn't  know till I went through the photos.

Look at that wicked smile. =__=

And I wonder how come my drink toook so long to finish. 

That's what I call a bottomless Flaming my friend!

Throat is burning!!!!

Look at this Stevie Wonder! Smilling so happily. lol..

It's very hard to strut a pose when you just tried to finish a bottomless flaming and felt all crappy in the mouth. 

Not done with my flaming, another glass is handed over to me. =___=

And this KY not satisfied cz I didnt finish my flaming added ice samor! 

Trust me, that is the most digusting drink I had in my entire life. Thanks to Bryan for adding all the B.Label. 

All like watching show. 

Thanks for coming peeps!  And that sums up my 22nd! XD

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Escape goat tak jadi

A client called and made a complain regarding some defected wooden pallets. Supposedly, my dad is the one who goes and settle problem like this. But today, he pushed me out! with the excuse that he's in Seremban.

I kindly obliged. But deep down inside me, I was like "omg omg omg!! die la.. sure kena shoot from client d. T_T!!" And finally, I kamikaze and went!

Guess what? The client arrogantly threw a photo of a defected pallet on the table and expect me to explain. I took a glance and in no time, I said " Sorry Sir, I don't think this is our product. Our pallet do not spray paint a 'T'. Instead, it's numbered."

Not satisfied with my answer, he insisted that is ours and said every pallet is sprayed that way. Geeezz!!! Just to prove to him that is not our pallet, I asked him if he has this pallet in the store with him now? No, apparently the pallets is exported to some foreign country already. Again, I suggested that we take a walk to his store and I will be able to point out which is our product. He kept quiet. lol..

And to add more to seriousness of the problem, he said our pallets has pest. omg wei. All say no prove. Ask him to show me, say all exported already. When give me the photo, not our pallet. What is this?! You screw up and kena from ur boss, don't pick us to operate can?


Instantfi 1: 0 Client

My 21st

Before I start about my 22nd, I wanna go down the memory lane and rewind back my awesome 21st! XD

Not much photos cz everyone is busy getting intoxicated.

Here's how it looks in the day time. Not too shabby for a pool party rite? Plus there's a slide! :P

Candle light dinner/barbecue. ><

And then, it was the moment before I was thrown in to the pool. omg.

Escorted by Caveman ><

Before I was thrown in to the pool, everyone's shy and all. But once I did the "opening ceremony" this is what happened.

All jumped although it was freeeezing cold. LOL!

The photo is toooo blur to see anything. LOL... too much alcohol and shaken hands. sigh.

This pretty much sums up my 21st. I must say, this is a very memorable one. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uber cute

This year, I have been receiving quite a few of early birthday wishes.

And the first runner up for the creative birthday wishes deffos goes to Steven Chong from Gooey!

Thank you so much for mentioning "little girls" and "kid". I appreciate it cz you made me feel young! (Or I made you felt old?) :P

Thank you and see you this Friday!

Facebook PM

I'm very sure most girls will receive private message/PM from anonymous asking you to be friends with them or whatsoever.

Well, I received them often and this most recent PM is enough to trigger me to blog about it.

 A random message of : hey i nvr see u on msn de? :)

At first, I thought I knew him from somewhere or whatsoever. But, guess what? I don't know who are you! So you can't possibly have my MSN account. Is this how you start a conversation? With a LAME pick up line? Are you hoping to kick off a conversation and get to know me for real? Sad to disappoint you, it's not gonna happen!

All the above is definitely not enough to trigger this post. What pisses me off the most is that this bugger is married!

What kind of freak that says his fav quotation is : i love you my wife? Sorry but all I see in you is just a pathetic loser. I feel even more sorry for your wife if you even have one in the first place.You don't even have the brains to cheat. Displaying information like this, which idiot would bite the bait? Or is it that your wife is not giving you enough shag? Do I need to remind you, there's always Chow Kit Road? It could be true that most women find taken man attractive, but not me. Or in this case, not you dude.

PM as much as you want but let me warn you guys out there, if you're married or taken, you should behave like what you should be. Yes, you'd probably thinks that your wife or girlfriend wouldn't know? Let's just say what comes around, goes around.

P/S: M.L, Go get a life if you don't have one already.

Have a nice day peeps!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guilty as charged

I know as a blogger, I have failed max! This is only the second post for this month. But I must say, I have been reaaalllyy busy..... If you remember that the Cop was on leave for a week! So practically, I have been given the power to rule the kingdom as I wish! nyeh nyeh... It was quite fun to actually play as the King for a day but slowly I realize it's actually no fun! There's so much to take care of and the cell phone just wont stop ringing.

But thank God, at least after work, there's someone to keep me company. =) After that one week of freedom, I'm back to hell. The real King is back to rule. T_T
Worst is, I was reminded that I have to go for a training sponsored by the SME Corp. Oh well, if the Gov wants to give you some money, they will first torture you. By sending you for training that falls on a Friday and Saturday.

Looking at the photo makes me sleepy already. At least, that is the first impression. As it goes, I find it quite interesting! I kinda love it. Call me sick for loving Finance Management. haha.  The training on Sat actually ends 5pm sharp! So, there I go, taking my own sweet time driving to KLCC to meet BGBK for dinner. Yummylicious food, people watching and funny laughs is deffos a good way to end the day. =)

Proceeding to Sunday where I lazed myself to the max! Had breakfast while marathon-ing Gossip Girl season  4 ♥.  And took a #napwithmusicplayinginthebackground that ended up to be a sleep! And was awaken by the loud knocking on my door. humph... Woke up and got ready for Alvin & Coco's wedding dinner.

 It is deffos a beautiful wedding. ♥ They made their grand entrance with bubbles floating around them and paper crackers popped in the air with colourful papers floating everywhere. Very creative I must say. :)

And, yes, that roughly summarized why the whole time I have been missing in action. A lot of things has been going on and I wouldn't say it's all bad or all good. =) Although all this explanation, it still does not gives me a reason to neglect my blog. Here I am owning up for not able to commit properly. So, stop throwing rotten veg! haha.

I promise that I will update for this weekend's. Why? Cz it's moi's birthday on the Friday and on the Saturday, it's the H-Artistry Event. =) All the reason to drink up, no?

Cheers to great weekend ahead!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fake iPhone?

Apparently, my secretary's son found an iphone while he's at work somewhere. And obviously, he's over joyed! And me: So lucky?! wah.. nonit buy saved money samor. =( poor thing that fella that lose it.

But after looking further to the phone. It is 101% fake! haha..

Looks exactly the same?!

Let's see how the back side looks. ><

Can't be fake rite?! ><

Here, look closer!

One glance, this may look the same too. But observe the middle part of the volume button. :D

The speakers and the port. Apple's speakers is so much more fine.

The hole to eject the sim from Apple is on the left while this imitation is on the right. haha

What about the content of the phone?

So similar yet so different!

The home screen button is slightly smaller.

The camera, eerrr... speechlesss!

I went to Settings>General>About. And my phone came out with all the information it should have. Guess what? Her's is just all that. And what the heck is even Company One? LOL!

The funniest is, it can be changed in to multiply languages. BM, Chinese, Thai, and whatsoever. LOL.. The screen is not sensitive either. It takes a couple of stroke and a firm finger to unlock it.

Ooohh well, if she's happy with it. Good for her. As for me, "SAY NO TO IMITATION!"