Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 21st

Before I start about my 22nd, I wanna go down the memory lane and rewind back my awesome 21st! XD

Not much photos cz everyone is busy getting intoxicated.

Here's how it looks in the day time. Not too shabby for a pool party rite? Plus there's a slide! :P

Candle light dinner/barbecue. ><

And then, it was the moment before I was thrown in to the pool. omg.

Escorted by Caveman ><

Before I was thrown in to the pool, everyone's shy and all. But once I did the "opening ceremony" this is what happened.

All jumped although it was freeeezing cold. LOL!

The photo is toooo blur to see anything. LOL... too much alcohol and shaken hands. sigh.

This pretty much sums up my 21st. I must say, this is a very memorable one. :)

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