Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fake iPhone?

Apparently, my secretary's son found an iphone while he's at work somewhere. And obviously, he's over joyed! And me: So lucky?! wah.. nonit buy saved money samor. =( poor thing that fella that lose it.

But after looking further to the phone. It is 101% fake! haha..

Looks exactly the same?!

Let's see how the back side looks. ><

Can't be fake rite?! ><

Here, look closer!

One glance, this may look the same too. But observe the middle part of the volume button. :D

The speakers and the port. Apple's speakers is so much more fine.

The hole to eject the sim from Apple is on the left while this imitation is on the right. haha

What about the content of the phone?

So similar yet so different!

The home screen button is slightly smaller.

The camera, eerrr... speechlesss!

I went to Settings>General>About. And my phone came out with all the information it should have. Guess what? Her's is just all that. And what the heck is even Company One? LOL!

The funniest is, it can be changed in to multiply languages. BM, Chinese, Thai, and whatsoever. LOL.. The screen is not sensitive either. It takes a couple of stroke and a firm finger to unlock it.

Ooohh well, if she's happy with it. Good for her. As for me, "SAY NO TO IMITATION!"

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