Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prank gone wrong?

I don't know if ya'll watched this video. Bout a girl died after their friend pulled a prank on her.

Video here. Apparently, all the videos in youtube is forcefully removed. Due to some reasons. Probably disrespectful to the deceased.

But I got quite curious after watching the video. Is it for real? Well, there's always Google for everything rite?!

After some "research" I have this 90% feeling it's fake!

Below are the screen shots of her running after her friends scared the crap outta her.

And suddenly, a car came outta nowhere and hit her.

Officially behind the wheels.

Go watch it and tell me what you think before the video is being removed again. :)

1 comment:

  1. Totally Fake,
    First, there is no way she wouldnt have known her friend is video taping right infront of her =.=!

    Second... like many ppl said.. the car did not bumped up as it should have if the girl is behind the front wheels. =.= and the position of someone who is supposedly.. being ran over... wouldnt be horizontal with the car + the way she lies down on the ground.. is so.. fake =.= real car accidents corpse isnt like that.