Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dead palm tree

Yes! My factory got hit by a dead palm again! This is the third time. Even for a life time, I think this is a lil tooo often!

The stupid owner of that stupid piece of estate didn't bother and this is what happen.

No, the red splattered is paint. Nobody died.

Damages on our equipment, fence, strained the overhead electric wires and almost causes an heart attack! I swear when I heard that loud thump, I thought it's the end of the world...

ok ok.. maybe I exaggerated, but that's not the point!

The mess that we gotta clean?  Ok ok... not me doing the cleaning but, that is still not the point!

Reported to TNB and I assume everyone knows how efficient they are. God knows how long is it gonna take for them to fix the overhead wires.

We gotta chainsaw that dead mutha effer to even start cleaning or repairing the fence or even do anything!

And that is still not the point!

The point is the idiotic owner caused us unnecessary trouble, 3TIMES! o0o

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