Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bling bling

I suppose I should start with a story line and then head to what is this post about, yes?

No, I'm gonna break the rule(if there's one) of just posting what I like and yet, I don't owe anyone any explanation.


Yeah~~~ this is all photos of Before & After.  My phone! Now it's sooo girly!! I loike!!!

Coolness, no?

You didn't think I'd stop pimping my stuff did you?? lol...

For you pervert who think that mini stick is a vibrator or sort, you're wrong! It's a mini torch light! >_<

And yes, I'm addicted till I pimped my air-cond controller. LOL

My name card holder!! Damn cute right?! of my genius friend thought it's a butterfly when he first saw it. =_= It's a bow my friend!!!

Due to the cutesy level, it's not very suitable to be a name card holder. I sorta hide it when I'm giving my name card now. Fml.

That's it, I'm gonna go steal my brother's phone and bling it! LOL (hope he don't kill me pls)


  1. nice what u have done to your laptop... and nice new blog skin... :)

  2. laptop only ar?! i thought my phone is mad cute too!!!

  3. ahahahaha u hiding your card holder huh. lolo.
    too dazzling d.

    Btw nice design on your laptop? is that a lap top? the second pic, if it is a laptop, you must have taken a dam long time placing and sticking all those. very nice.

    and I didnt think that someone would actually decorate their brushes../ mini torchlight(which I also have one, I left it as it is)/ and even the aircond controller ><!!! Looks like you proved my thinking wrong.