Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cop on leave

Yes!!! I'm counting down one(1) more day and all hell shall break loose!! LOL.

If you're wondering, it's cz with my dad a.k.a cop around, I tend to play the lil angel. 

Ya ya ya... I know, your're laughing your socks off. Me angel? But damn, I really did pull it off! XD

And now, my cop is going on a holiday!! for a whole freaking weekk!!!

Ohh yea!! Don't know if you can tell my excitement. 

This calls for celebration!! AndI'm all ready to transform!  Just for a week. teehehehe...

BTW, wanted to share this just for the theme of the week. XD


  1. When the cop is on vacation, the devil beats up the angel and take

  2. HAHAHAHA I love that last copic strip.

  3. comic. Too early in the morning. >.<

  4. Huai Bin: YEA!! if only hell is really like that!! :D