Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stress in Excitement

Now that I looked at my blog, I'm totally ashamed for I have abandoned it for a month or so. And here I am, coming back with news. If you haven't know yet, I'm actually leaving to New York in a week's time (six days to be exact). I am VERY excited actually. Here's why:

1. It's NEW YORK! Even hearing the name, my heart totally skipped a beat.
3.It will be a white X'mas n New Year!
4. Meeting Emo-boi
5. Last but not least, visiting MomFi.

This is deffos by far my most awesome holiday, but truth be told, I'm super stressed! So much going thru my mind right now. Like in one of my post, I'm getting all jumpy about everything. Whether it's necessary or not. Sigh. Sharing my #1 stress:

Not many people knew the fact that I have not seen MomFi for the past 10 years. So, YES! I think I have every fucking right to be stressed and nervous! Can you actually imagine what is running through my head right now? For sure that me and MomFi will seem like strangers, but I fear for the worst, what if her love for me has worn out thru out the years? People did told me things like "It wont, cz she's your mom, yada, yada, yada...." Through out me and MomFi's conversation, it did felt that way. All I can do is just keep telling myself to not have high hopes. At least when she disappoints me, I still have a reason; to visit Emo-boi.

Which brings my #2 stress:

Me and Emo-boi has been friends for ..... eerrr.... can't remember, nvm, it's not that long if your wondering, but not that short too. Point is, we have been seeing each other alongside with Nagen n Umar for almost everyday during our college days. And this is the first time seeing each other after a separation for about 4 months. So, here comes my stress n paranoia questions like, What if we're not that close anymore?! And worst after MomFi disappoints me, who do I talk to? I know I sound very silly for thinking all the negative thoughts. But who are you to tell? We all know time can cure all the sorrow, but time also tear people apart! OMG! As I'm typing this, I think my problems is bigger than I thought. HELP!!

Sigh... How I wish BGBK can come along with me for this holiday. At least for now, I know I can count on him. And even if he can't come along, he prolly will send me to the airport for I won't be seeing him more or less of three weeks. But unfortunately, he can't. Due to work, he has to go out of state. But he promise to come pick me up when I'm back! But this promise obviously is not valid under unforeseen circumstances. So, double sigh.

Here comes stress #3:
I actually bought my winter coat from Zara and I totally loving it!! It's Oh-so-stylish! And guess which devil came and put scary thoughts into my head? My dearly sis-in-law. : ) Well, she actually has a fair share experience with temperatures that hits negative. So, with one look on my coat, she said it's not gonna keep my warm. And that's after I bought it wtf. It's totally contradicting with what BGBK said. Maybe guys is strong enuf to withstand those temperature, and I'm deffos cold intolerant! So she is kind enough to loan me her's just in case when I'm freezing my ass off. Problem is, it's not as stylish compared to my Zara coat. Oh well, fashion and comfort, it's a tough choice!! I guess I will be able to make a decision when I'm freezing my ass off if it happens.

As for now, I should really slap myself twice and say stop worrying so much. Okay, maybe not the slapping part, but yeah, it should be lotsa fun! Before signing off, I wanna apologize in advance for, I don't know when is the next post coming. But one thing for sure, there will be massive update of New York once I'm back. Till then, lotsa love!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love from States

Today I finally went and picked up my birthday pressie in the post office.

I squealed joyful for it has arrived! All the way from Kearney, Nebraska! Was worried it may got lost and never arrived.

Anyway, this is how the parcel looks when I received it.

It's actually very sweet of Nagen to actually decorate it with a grey ribbon. I think he doesn't know what grey ribbon means. Cz if he does, he must be hoping that I get brain cancer! humph... There SEE it for yourself. LOL! On the side note, the ♥ is actually done by me to hide the address details. Well, you don't want a creepy ass lurking around your hse, rite?

I practically rip open it! hahah..

Taadaahhhh!! It's a Martini Glass but not any Martini Glass okay?! According to the description, each of their Martini Glass is HAND PAINTED! Oh ohh.. also, there's a recipe at the bottom of the glass! XD

You'd prolly think why of everything in the world, Nagen n Jun Hwang sent me a Martini Glass, but it's Alcohol that brought us closer cz that is one of our common interest! Yea yea, I know, alcohol is a lot of people's love but our friendship is not only based on that. Just like what's written on the glass, they are "My little black dress... Always there when I need it..." 

Despite the fact that there are lots of arguments, screaming, fighting crying, and hell lots that I can't possibly remember but we still manage to stay friends. There will be people saying that our friendship will drew apart cz of the distance, I say hell no! It's the distance that brought us closer.

Thank you Nagen & Jun Hwang for the pressie! ♥♥♥

P/S: Y'all are right, We cool ones NEVER age. What we do is MELLOW! ♥

Friday, November 12, 2010

Impromptu trip

Last weekend, after the Meat bone tea breakfast, BGBK actually suggested that we take my camera for a shoot! XD At first he said Melaka and my first reaction was, how long does it takes to reach ar? About 2 hours. omg. faint! so we opt for a nearer location, Sepang Gold Coast. 

Guess what? The near is not near at all lor. Cz it's very deep inside those plantations. And outta nowhere, there's a lil town or something. =.=''' Anyway, we did made it and took some photos. :D

Clear blue sky with dark brown waters. >.<

BGBK's work. Nice eh? 

Oh, and this too! ♥ the infinity pool.

This as well!! Haha.. He practically took most of the photos. Well, cz the weather is too scorching to my liking, so I kinda lazed. XD

Eeeee! I like this! When he was capturing this, I tot he was taking photo of himself. >.<

Do you see what I see?  : )

Leaving! Took a buggy ride instead of walking all the way. *wipes sweat*

I manage to captured one that I look like a devil with horns that actually is my hair. Obviously I wont upload that. >.<

I was busy telling him to turn around, while he's pointing at reversing car n saying be careful. Lol. Not a bad picha hey? 

Not a bad day for a weekend eh? : ) That's all for Sepang Gold Coast.  Next post will be a food post again. *drools*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meat bone tea

What did you did on your long weekend? I practically ate n snapped photos through out the weekend. And to begin with, I started with my favorita, Klang Bak Kut Teh! Yes, I tell you, this place iz the BEST! XD

May I present to you, the MEAT! Look at the shiny tempting pork. It actually tastes better than how it looks! And in case you didn't know, this is the dry version of Bak Kut Teh. Yes, you may think that BKT is all about the soup, but hold your words till you try this cz you will take back your words! XD

 The original, soup version of BKT. :) The soup, I tell you, ada Umphhh!

What's BKT without tea rite?

Look at the aftermath! It's that good! A clean wipe out! (P/S: The boney plate is BGBK's  ><)

That's it for my BKT post. And guess where we went later on?

 Here's a sneak peak.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Test shot

Before I actually ran out of things to post, I'm gonna post out random photos that I took. *grins*
Anyway, these photos are taken in BGBK's place. Tell me watchu think yea! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

You Tiao

Yesh!! I love youuu tiao!!! Don't get me wrong here. I'm not cursing. You Tiao is actually food! In english, it's actually Chinese Crullers.

Yes.. It's called I love Yoo! I loike the name! ><

According to the owner of this outlet, there is currently 8 outlet thru out Malaysia. And she was actually surprised that I actually came to her outlet that is in Kota Kemuning. (for those who doesn't know where is Kota Kemuning, it's on the way to Klang by Kesas)

Look at the varieties! *drools*

The food display. Oh man, I think I can smell the food now even by looking at this photos! Forgive me, food makes me delusional. ><

Freshly fried You Tiao pyramid!! *wipes saliva*

Not to forget, my very FAVORITA!  Butterfly bun!! It's is actually the same with you tiao but the difference is, it has sesame seed!! IDK if they had some secret recipe but it is so much crunchier and the fragrant it self is to die for!

Not to forget, their Sesame ball! If I remembered correctly there are 3 types of sesame ball. Lotus, Peanuts and Red beans.

Me and BGBK had was the Dry Scallop Porridge. BGBK was never a fan of porridge, but guess what? He likes it too! Partly cz there's you tiao and other sides. Also cz the porridge is really smooth! Almost like soup. Thick soup. Yummilicious max!

Butterfly bun! Cut into bit size.

I picked Lotus while BGBK picked Peanuts.

I really gotta stop looking at the photos! It's making me hungry again! Shall go and satisfy my cravings soon! XD

Coffee Ritual

Here's a place for you coffee lovers. It's located at Section 14, PJ. The interior is uniquely decorated with quaint lil coffee makers. And of coz, some of them are actually for sale! Nuff' yapping, here's the photos.

Don't ask me why only the first three letters are lit. I think it's suppose to be that way. ><

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?!

I think I'll opt for Iced honey instead.

Mushroom soup paired with bun. BGBK likes the bun cz it's warm just like it's freshly out of the oven. :)

Some self absorbed shots ><

Then comes my main! Mushroom & Turkey Toast Crepe

BGBK's Grilled Cajun Chicken

Dessert! Don't quite remember what flavour but I think it's vanilla choc chip. BGBK thinks this is actually home-made ice-cream. And obviously, he loves it. As for me, not very cz it tasted kinda grainy to me.

I think it's quite money value cz each person is less than RM25.00 with everything that you see above.
In taste wise, I think the food is so-so. Or more of, nothing to shout about. But then again, everyone's taste differs, so what that may be so-so for me, may be awesome for ya, no?

But remember I said there's all the quaint lil things? So, look at the bright side! It's deffos a good place for you photographers to snap away!

Coffee Ritual
35, Jalan 14/20,
46100, PJ, Sel.

P/S: It's Pork and alcohol free. Our Muslim friends can actually enjoy the food with no worries. If you're hoping to enjoy happy hour + dinner, then you'll be disappointed.

*UPDATE: Opposite Digital Mall that stretch of shops. If you don't know where is Digital Mall then you can eat urself.