Friday, November 12, 2010

Impromptu trip

Last weekend, after the Meat bone tea breakfast, BGBK actually suggested that we take my camera for a shoot! XD At first he said Melaka and my first reaction was, how long does it takes to reach ar? About 2 hours. omg. faint! so we opt for a nearer location, Sepang Gold Coast. 

Guess what? The near is not near at all lor. Cz it's very deep inside those plantations. And outta nowhere, there's a lil town or something. =.=''' Anyway, we did made it and took some photos. :D

Clear blue sky with dark brown waters. >.<

BGBK's work. Nice eh? 

Oh, and this too! ♥ the infinity pool.

This as well!! Haha.. He practically took most of the photos. Well, cz the weather is too scorching to my liking, so I kinda lazed. XD

Eeeee! I like this! When he was capturing this, I tot he was taking photo of himself. >.<

Do you see what I see?  : )

Leaving! Took a buggy ride instead of walking all the way. *wipes sweat*

I manage to captured one that I look like a devil with horns that actually is my hair. Obviously I wont upload that. >.<

I was busy telling him to turn around, while he's pointing at reversing car n saying be careful. Lol. Not a bad picha hey? 

Not a bad day for a weekend eh? : ) That's all for Sepang Gold Coast.  Next post will be a food post again. *drools*

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