Monday, November 8, 2010

Coffee Ritual

Here's a place for you coffee lovers. It's located at Section 14, PJ. The interior is uniquely decorated with quaint lil coffee makers. And of coz, some of them are actually for sale! Nuff' yapping, here's the photos.

Don't ask me why only the first three letters are lit. I think it's suppose to be that way. ><

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?!

I think I'll opt for Iced honey instead.

Mushroom soup paired with bun. BGBK likes the bun cz it's warm just like it's freshly out of the oven. :)

Some self absorbed shots ><

Then comes my main! Mushroom & Turkey Toast Crepe

BGBK's Grilled Cajun Chicken

Dessert! Don't quite remember what flavour but I think it's vanilla choc chip. BGBK thinks this is actually home-made ice-cream. And obviously, he loves it. As for me, not very cz it tasted kinda grainy to me.

I think it's quite money value cz each person is less than RM25.00 with everything that you see above.
In taste wise, I think the food is so-so. Or more of, nothing to shout about. But then again, everyone's taste differs, so what that may be so-so for me, may be awesome for ya, no?

But remember I said there's all the quaint lil things? So, look at the bright side! It's deffos a good place for you photographers to snap away!

Coffee Ritual
35, Jalan 14/20,
46100, PJ, Sel.

P/S: It's Pork and alcohol free. Our Muslim friends can actually enjoy the food with no worries. If you're hoping to enjoy happy hour + dinner, then you'll be disappointed.

*UPDATE: Opposite Digital Mall that stretch of shops. If you don't know where is Digital Mall then you can eat urself.

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