Friday, February 25, 2011


This is probably my second hiatus thus far. The difference was the first hiatus is not for grieving. Also the fact that I actually wanted to change my blog name and remove everything in it. The only thing that is stopping me is that, the name of this blog and the content works as a reminder, of someone I don't wanna become.

It is indeed the saddest part when someone came in to your life, made the greatest impact and left you feeling hopeless. It definitely made me treasure my family more than ever before.  I learnt who would be there for me when I'm surrounded by hard times. And with the hard times, it's easier for me to identify who's a true friend or merely an acquaintance. I was never to be able to tell the sincerity and often mistaken the love of my family as a restrain.

I remember a few days ago, I tweeted bout a dream I had. It was actually me being hunt by soldiers with a friend. I ran and hide and had the feeling that I would be caught eventually but it did not stop me from running. I think this dream is pretty easy to interpret cz dream is a way my brain try to communicate with me. Obviously I am avoiding something that I know I will never be able to conquer. And I keep avoiding and deny the problems, hoping that it would go away. The only way to stop all this is to go thru the stages of grief. 

Without knowing it myself, I have already gone through the first three stages. I denied and isolated the problem, later to feel furious about how things went and how it could be better. When the anger has passed, I realized it did not change anything at all, which comes to the third stage, bargaining. I prayed so hard to God hoping that all the problems would go away if I do something in return. Until some point, I know no amount of bargaining would help because things will never be the same. I feel depressed to the core! But, its O.K. to be depressed as it is part of the process of grief. Then it is absolutely the time for me to accept the fact and reality. The only problem is, I accepted the truth but only to find that I am still depressed. I actually accepted the truth yet find it impossible to let go. It not who that I miss but the times. The pain was excruciating and I wish I could summon my friends but it's easier to have a laughing friend than a crying friend. For now, I need some space but after that I just need to slap myself and get it over with. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justin Bieber

There's nothing wrong with your eyes nor I'm actually crazy to blog about Justin Bieber. The amount of saliva I heard about people saying they don't like Bieber can actually drown Bieber himself. I have to admit, I like to think/say Bieber is nonsense. or don't even know what is he singing about. He sounds like a girl!

Now, everything is about to change. I had a self-enlightenment which I thought to myself, "who are we to hate or judge?" You think he's a kid who sings nonsense? Well, think again. He got nominated and won tons of awards, loved, adored and idolized by idiots people and best of all, he has huge loads of ka ching!

I still do thinks that some of his songs is totally pointless. The most obvious one is definitely Bayi, Bayi Oh~~~ Even then, there's still people who worship him. Even the weirdest person on earth has at least one person who truly appreciates itself.

 Fine, I did not create this post to declare my love for Bieber or how people shouldn't hate him. He's the best example that I can think of when it comes to belittle someone. We often think judge someone just based on the age, background, looks, and whatsoever. Why care about where he comes from or how old he is?! Most important is he's more successful than you. And you are still where you are. lololol....

With all my ramblings, I'm gonna end this post with a quote I don't even remember where I read it or by who

Love me and I will always be in your heart, hate me and I will always be in your head. Both is in my favour but spare me your indifference.

This is based own words. And with words, comes with a photo! 


Friday, February 18, 2011

Central Park

Who would actually goes to New York without going to the Central Park? It's a big no! Anyway, this will be a photo galore as I have nothing in my thinking box.

Llucky cz as we walk, we found the Apple store! An Apple with you, keeps the Android and Crackberry away from you! ><

I swear you'll never starve with carts like this everywhere. 

Central Park from afar!

You can actually ride these carts and tour Central Park, and it might sound romantic. Sure! Minus the fact that  it stink so bad and it's 90usd per cart for an hour. No thanks. 

Wake up every morning over looking Central Park, oh-so-envious.

Thanks to these people we get to sit after walking not even quarter of Central Park. 

And it's a long stretch, I guess NYC peeps is really generous. 

I went back to Central Park lake a week later, it's frozen! Well, only the surface tho.

Yes, M.U.S.T. camwhore. ><

And here's one place that makes me squeals in excitement!!

Can you tell where is this? Maybe you can't tell from this angle. 

What bout this?! Correct!! It's the Metropolitan Museum or better known as Mets steps in Gossip Girl. 

And of coz, I M.U.S.T.  have a photo there otherwise it doesn't count! XD

That's it for now. Tata. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Is there something that you fear without a reason? That you know will not kill you and yet, afraid as if it will kill you? Well, I do. And for the weirdest thing, it's D.E.N.T.I.S.T.

I probably need to thank my brothers for it.
Remember this movie? Maybe most sane human wouldn't watch it but my brothers made me watch them when I was a kid. This got me a little more than traumatized. You know school do have those yearly check up? I remember once, I was so fear, I was the last person in the entire school to get my teeth checked! And that was F.5! Not only that, I tear too. fml. 

And last Friday, I took up some courage and made an appointment with a dentist on Reason? My last visit to a dentist was 5 years ago. Figure that I need to get things checked and fix. I guess I don't want to wait till my teeth all decayed.

I try my best to not think of the process, noise and PAIN! When the nurse called me, I swear I wished I didn't came. Lets jump to the conclusion, I'm glad that I over came the fear. Another lesson learned, what you  feel during a kid is not necessarily true. Why, filling isn't that painful after all. I'm actually excited for my next appointment, scaling and polishing!  XD

Friday, February 11, 2011

Virgin Snow

What I can say for the title is that, my timing to New York is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for snow. Apparently MomFi said this blizzard last happened was 10 (TEN) freaking years ago. Everybody, lets wow...... lol..

Anyway, it was a usual evening where I went shopping and a couple of hours later, I came outta Victoria's Secret, I saw this! 

I'm so excited just like a virgin having sex for the first time. LOL! I have experienced winter but not snow, so you can understand my excitement rite? Rite? Rite? XD

Herald Square, Manhattan. I was standing right in front of the largest Macy's and enjoying the snow. ><

I swear I'm tempted to stick my tongue out. kekeke..

Anyway, it did not stop snowing till the next morning. So, all the transportation is cancelled. It was literally ALL transportation is cancelled. Bus, subway, aircraft, etc. We have nothing to do and MomFi and UncleEddie got an off day due to blizzard. Yay!  

I went to da park and did this. XD 
It's fun cold. And yes, I purposely wrapped my head like an egg in case the snow is dirty. 

We also did a snowman!! Here, I would really want to thank UncleEddie for his great sacrifice. I'm so touched. *tears* 

Can you guess what is the snowman's eyes, nose and mouth? I'll give you 3 trying guess and you'd still be wrong. It was UncleEddie's glove. I insisted of using twigs and branches but he said its not pretty plus it looks dull so he tore his glove and bring the snowman to life. I swear that with my glove on, my fingers were numbed, I couldn't imagine his fingers. Reason why he did this? For me. I swear I wanted to tear on the spot. Yes, I'm that easily touched. haha..

Enough on the mushy stuff, look how thick is the snow!

Emo-boi said his sneakers and socks is wet. eeww.... haha.. And he only wore 3 layers(mostly cotton).He is the ultimate definition of walking ice man. haha..

We took a stroll by the streets before heading for lunch.

I think mainly we're torturing Emo-boi and CQ(above). Both of them wore very little but at least CQ's shoes were waterproof. 

And it's Korean for lunch!! Yums max!!This picha actually looks abit disgusting cz I ate halfway and thought of taking a picha. Half of the food was gone by then. Blame it on gluttony. haha..

That's it for today! Tata. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Empire State of Mine

Yes, Empire State of Mine, geddit geddit?! XD 
Anyway, this post is looonnngggggg due. Well, I'm suppose to post it last month but lotsa things came up. So it's busy busy busy.... 

Even for this post itself, I gotta spare my lunch time to do it. FML. 

And I proudly present to you Empire State Building. 

Once you entered the lobby, this is what you'll see. Don't forget to take a picha yea!! 

After that, you'll nicely go thru a security screening and pay an amount for 21usd to go to the 86th floor. (extra 20usd for 102nd floor view)

Once you step outta lift, you'll see this
Observation deck :DDDDD

Crowded! This just makes the photo taking even harder. 
Well, this is not it, there's an outdoor but it's freezing cold. Mind you, we're at the 86th floor and the wind is like blowing ice. Bbbrrrr~~~

I'm very cold intolerant. 

See what the mean by New York as the concrete jungle, no?

Here, a closer look. I swear there's no land that has no building on it.

Then you can see the Chrysler Building. It was the tallest building in the world during 1930. Not for long tho. 18 months later, Empire State Building boomed out with 102nd floor. 

This is the only picha of me in ESB. Cz it was freeezing cold. And I guess I still picked style compared to comfort in my last contemplation.

102nd floor is just up there!!! Maybe I can climb up there and save 20usd. lol..

Okay, maybe this is the 2nd picha of me in ESB. And even this is done with a mirror. Reason? 

Why? Cz Emo-Boi is so called phobia of birds. Yes, any kind of birds. Even those tiny ones that you can one step them to death. Oh well, nvm. Sigh..

After you took a lift down to chao, you will surely pass this. 

ESB miniature style!

LEGO'S style! 

And not to forget the Gorrila POOP! It's candy actually. ><

May I end this post with a proper picha of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building as background? XD

Oh... How I miss NYC now. =( That's it for now. Tata