Friday, May 28, 2010

Once upon a time

there is a very tanned girl which is me! Went through all this (photos that you're about to see) and get to have a good laugh bout it now. *smirks*

Well well... lets start with the last year of me in high school.
*excuse the photo quality. cz i damn noob. donno hw to scan it.* LOL

In case you're wondering what are the pink stripes, its to protect their privacy. You know la, back in high school, they make u wear name tags. Where got let you have nice English names. T.T

okay okay, no more. we hop 1 year ahead. where i went for national service! ya.. i was so sui, got selected to go. Went there n cried for a week kay! Macam prison. n worst is, i already so tan, go there, macam burnt chicken! T.T

aiya, see for urself!

The ladies dorm.

i really wanna intro these ppl one by one. but, i reli cant rembr everyone's name. So, forget bout it. Just enjoy the ugliness. hahaha..

And we get a 1 day release from the prison and get to go church(friday) or temple(saturday). But we chose both. >.<

The 2 funny expressions is Daniel and Ivy. And no, this is not candid. they did it on purpose. LOL.

This is Sze Ten a.k.a PurpleCane. notice how my costume combines of Malay, Chinese, Indian culture? Thats cz our group(Bravo) got punished for losing the group flag. (Thanks to our leader.) And this fella(he's in Delta) next to me, so happy that we got punished, wants a photo. See the lansi face there! hhmph..

Nah! Payback! *post ur sissy photo* ngek ngek ngek....

One last photo to complete your laughs. >.< But, hey, not all the memories was bad. The medic staff in our camp is really nice. There's Bak kut teh and beer. enuf said, you get the idea. :D

Pick up lines

Worst or best? And i think i'll pick worst. BECAUSE i just received a message on facebook. And i find it really stupid cz they abused the main purpose of the line. So i decided to pick a few and make it my very own worst pick up line! okay okay, lets start

1.  Do you come here often? or You look familiar. Have i seen you around/before?
seriously damn fuckin annoyed with people that use this line cz they messed up with my mind till im nt sure whether have i seen them before. So, the best, just ignore all of them. To the desperate guys out there, go to a hen house instead to avoid humiliation. or if you're old and worried that your sperm count is running low, go Thailand or Indonesia find a wife. I'm sure you can get 1, very cheap samor! Even that also can't afford, then go die.

2. Do you have a quarter? My mom told me to call home when i met the girl of my dreams.
I think this one i pretty easy to shake him off ur tail. Cz i think the best answer i can come up with is, "Yes, I'm deffos the girl of your dream, so what are you waiting for? Head home, go to bed nao. sweet dreams. :D

3. Do you believe in love at first sight or should i walk past again?
Tell him: Sorry, I'm blind. Don't waste your time. Then turn around and compliment your girlfriend, how good she look in the dress. Lol. C'mon, you know this is too cocky with egomaniac written all over it.

4. You must be from Pearl Harbor cz baby you're the bomb!
How old are you? 95? Old folks home is that way across the street!

5. Hey girl, what's up? Guess what? Its your lucky day. Out of all the girls here, i picked you to talk to.
oookay, this one, i tell you, never ever use it unless you're a male model and ridiculously good looking. otherwise, you made a fool outta yourself. And pray that you'll ever recover from that humiliation.

6. (At the copy machine) "Reproducing eh? Can i help?"
Were you there at the meeting on sexual harassment at workplace? Do you want me to go through it with you again?  

7. Can i have your number? I seem to have lost mine.
 Oh ya, sure. Its a hotline. 1-800-get-a-life.

8. Smile if you like me.
This one, ladies, gotta be done properly. Well, if you screwed up, he might think you like him and you're playing along with him. cz im sure anyone will not only smile but laugh when you heard such a cheesy line. so cover your mouth while you're at it. then say, excuse me, but i gotta throw up. then walk away. 

So yes, this is the end of my list. If you're wondering why my list ends at 8 instead of 10, it's cz the 1st one is the reason this post started and only 7 that got my interest to talk about it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wish come true?

When you're a kid, have you ever thought or secretly hopes that we as the kid rule the world? That we don't have to get orders from parents? Or you, a grown up, have you ever wish to become a kid, at least for a day? Well, i never wished for a kid to rule the world, cz i can imagine the horror! haha.. but i do wish to be a kid sometimes.

So why am i talking bout things like this, that will never happen? Cz of this movie.
Yes! Opposite day. You're suppose to things oppositely, no?? This kids, hate the fact that the parents ordering them to do all sorts of things. And wished to rule the world and the parents, become the kids. Well, that's what people always says, be careful of what you wish for. Cz it came true!
The kids that are now the adult, are thrilled! also having lotsa fun ordering their parents around. hahah.... but real soon, they realize how much they missed and need their parents. But how are they going to fix things back to normal?

Even after watching it, i'd still feel like becoming a kid for a day. LOL..
BTW, this is a 2009 movie, so you might hatta download it illegally(like me, haha..) or buy pirated dvd.  Sorry, i never consider buying original cz i find it stupid to spend so much on a same quality for cheaper.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I just received my 3 pairs of Fresh Look Illuminate daily disposable lenses! 
All i did was, go to their site and register. but i thought they wouldn't send me the free trial cz i have a perfect vision. =D (or send me the plano non-coloured lenses)

But guess what, based on the information i gave them during the online registration, they sent me the plano coloured lenses! woot!! So whatcha waiting for? Go register and sit tight. They will arrive any secs! XD

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 72 hours

All started on a fine Friday.

Nightmare on the Elm Street!

After that, went to satisfy my cravings for waffle. omg.. *drools*

Not to forget to camwhore along. hehe..

After that, headed to 7aste@Ecobar for a night of free flow. :D
The decorations outside.(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

Looking good huh??(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

One of the performance. The Drum beaters or something like that.(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

And Belinda Chee is the emcee for the night! woot woot!!

i know i know.. very vain rite?? take photo d samor wanna retake it. 

South African finger food? It taste just like what it looks. Good!(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

We're definitely having a good time. :D (Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

Mei Mei and friend.

Mr.Stevie Wonder

What are they talking about huh?? My bird eat your stick? hahah...

(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

I must say, i LOVE this photo. hahaha.. thanks Jungleman.(Photo taken with a Lumix GF1, credits to Jungleman)

Don't bother my burn hairy wrist. LOL..

Brunch at Dragon-i. mmhhmm.. (Photo taken with an iPhone, credits to Jungleman)

Later on, we went to support L'oreal on the Velocity Angels in Midvalley Exibition Center.woots!! congrats babe!! (Photo taken with an iPhone, credits to Jungleman)

Went on to Chilis for a drink and grabbed a bite.

Thats my long weekend of 72 hours. That prolly consist of only 12 hours sleep. :D
Will update a part 2 after Jungleman updated the photos in Velvet.  And no, i was too lazy to take photos. heheh..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Enemy!

I am very very very happy today!! Ask me why! Ask me why!!! LOL..
Doesn't matter! I'll tell even if you don ask! hmph!

I KILLED MY ENEMY!! Well, one of their kind la. =.=

Quick! Ask me who is it!! :P Not only i'll tell you, i'll show you it's photo!
Yes! This is my biggest enemy! I HATE THEM!!! also scared la. heheh... My scared level can reach always reach to the point where, i will not go to the area where the cockroach is seen unless it is being removed from the premises. I know! sounds damn sohai rite? =.=

So this morning, i saw 1!! knnccb! i shrieked! and said, die la die la... hse got no spray!(dad dont allow cz allergic). After 3 seconds, i calmed down and grabbed my car keys and left to the nearest mart. 

And got myself this!
My very own shinning armour!! ( i know dad don't allow, but will hide it in my room!) sshhhh~~~
And now, the idiot who somehow marched into my house is very much DEAD! hah..

BTW, do you know this commonly seen cockroach is known as AMERICAN COCKROACH? MF betul! Go back to your own country la! stupid illegal immigrant! o0o

Monday, May 10, 2010

Love like this

I know this is an really old movie but this is only the second time watching it. And it still does it's magic, bringing tears rolling like fountain. Felt like it is a typical love story. But so typical that is, have you seen love like this in your life? I certainly haven't. I love the last scene where they died peacefully together, even so, they still didn't want to let go of each other's hand.

Have you seen someone like this,

and grew old with the same person??

Love like this probably existed or should i say more commonly seen during the times of our grandparents? People nowadays are so dependent on the technologies and tend to forget to put in the effort to show the person how much we love them. There's no one to blame but ourself cz we human are lazy bastards, admit it OK?


Like all other stories, it all begin with something. Mine was a text msg. Wanna party to9 at Bamboo9? An answer of Yes or No would deffos make the night different. So, i decided to
Doll up and get ready to party!

Went to 1Utama with Nagen and decided to dine at Gardens.
That's my Caesar Salad! Couldn't even finish it tho. 

Nagen's Black Pepper Chicken! Aint it pretty??

The Calamari rings. Afta the nomming, the time is just right, for what again? Partido!!

The Lads

Please excuse my fatness that has no cure. T.T

Wah!!! Boobies!!!

They're measuring if they drank half da bottle. Nonit measure la! Down it only! :P

So Mr J.C decided to down it like a man?

Or maybe not?? kekekee... 

Is that a hickey on your neck, Clemence?

This is the last photo in my camera cz after that, i was busy el partying!

And all good nights must come to an end and start with a Hangover! Might as well, do it nicely right?

A very late sunday brunch at Delicious Bangsar.

Mama's Beef Bolognaise!

The Hangovers.

And guess who came and join the hangover party? :S 
Can't wait to watch this! 

Okie doks, thats my weekend. I'm going back to my book, To Kill A MockingBird. :D