Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Enemy!

I am very very very happy today!! Ask me why! Ask me why!!! LOL..
Doesn't matter! I'll tell even if you don ask! hmph!

I KILLED MY ENEMY!! Well, one of their kind la. =.=

Quick! Ask me who is it!! :P Not only i'll tell you, i'll show you it's photo!
Yes! This is my biggest enemy! I HATE THEM!!! also scared la. heheh... My scared level can reach always reach to the point where, i will not go to the area where the cockroach is seen unless it is being removed from the premises. I know! sounds damn sohai rite? =.=

So this morning, i saw 1!! knnccb! i shrieked! and said, die la die la... hse got no spray!(dad dont allow cz allergic). After 3 seconds, i calmed down and grabbed my car keys and left to the nearest mart. 

And got myself this!
My very own shinning armour!! ( i know dad don't allow, but will hide it in my room!) sshhhh~~~
And now, the idiot who somehow marched into my house is very much DEAD! hah..

BTW, do you know this commonly seen cockroach is known as AMERICAN COCKROACH? MF betul! Go back to your own country la! stupid illegal immigrant! o0o


  1. i dont even dare to kill them..i just run

  2. ohmywtf-you're a guy rite?? nth actually, just checking. :P

  3. Cockroaches is the most disgusting creature throughout the universe.

  4. I dont like cockroaches too..... infact anything small, like lizards as well, often because I have physical contact with them! Lol they just flew and drop on you at random moment, I get really scared everytime I look at a cockroach that when its head and antenna is moving so much , kinda look like they are targeting us with their radar getting coordinates to fly to us =S!!! doesn't it feels that way? Lol..