Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wish come true?

When you're a kid, have you ever thought or secretly hopes that we as the kid rule the world? That we don't have to get orders from parents? Or you, a grown up, have you ever wish to become a kid, at least for a day? Well, i never wished for a kid to rule the world, cz i can imagine the horror! haha.. but i do wish to be a kid sometimes.

So why am i talking bout things like this, that will never happen? Cz of this movie.
Yes! Opposite day. You're suppose to things oppositely, no?? This kids, hate the fact that the parents ordering them to do all sorts of things. And wished to rule the world and the parents, become the kids. Well, that's what people always says, be careful of what you wish for. Cz it came true!
The kids that are now the adult, are thrilled! also having lotsa fun ordering their parents around. hahah.... but real soon, they realize how much they missed and need their parents. But how are they going to fix things back to normal?

Even after watching it, i'd still feel like becoming a kid for a day. LOL..
BTW, this is a 2009 movie, so you might hatta download it illegally(like me, haha..) or buy pirated dvd.  Sorry, i never consider buying original cz i find it stupid to spend so much on a same quality for cheaper.


  1. this seems very nice...i wish to be a kid sometimes...coz there is no worries..LOL...

  2. opps...i am a giant