Friday, May 28, 2010

Once upon a time

there is a very tanned girl which is me! Went through all this (photos that you're about to see) and get to have a good laugh bout it now. *smirks*

Well well... lets start with the last year of me in high school.
*excuse the photo quality. cz i damn noob. donno hw to scan it.* LOL

In case you're wondering what are the pink stripes, its to protect their privacy. You know la, back in high school, they make u wear name tags. Where got let you have nice English names. T.T

okay okay, no more. we hop 1 year ahead. where i went for national service! ya.. i was so sui, got selected to go. Went there n cried for a week kay! Macam prison. n worst is, i already so tan, go there, macam burnt chicken! T.T

aiya, see for urself!

The ladies dorm.

i really wanna intro these ppl one by one. but, i reli cant rembr everyone's name. So, forget bout it. Just enjoy the ugliness. hahaha..

And we get a 1 day release from the prison and get to go church(friday) or temple(saturday). But we chose both. >.<

The 2 funny expressions is Daniel and Ivy. And no, this is not candid. they did it on purpose. LOL.

This is Sze Ten a.k.a PurpleCane. notice how my costume combines of Malay, Chinese, Indian culture? Thats cz our group(Bravo) got punished for losing the group flag. (Thanks to our leader.) And this fella(he's in Delta) next to me, so happy that we got punished, wants a photo. See the lansi face there! hhmph..

Nah! Payback! *post ur sissy photo* ngek ngek ngek....

One last photo to complete your laughs. >.< But, hey, not all the memories was bad. The medic staff in our camp is really nice. There's Bak kut teh and beer. enuf said, you get the idea. :D


  1. haha ......... nice nice ma :P

  2. looking thru old pics are sometimes nice =)

  3. I didn't get chosen for NS. It looks like it's a sweet memory....