Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yes, i finally pimped my blog from the ugly black to what you're looking at now. And while you're thinking, what a ugly job she'd done, do note that I'm an computer idiot! And this is the best i could do! This best, took me hours ok! not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4! Its freaking 5 hours!!

And i sure did curse heaven and hell while I'm on it. I really don't understand all this HTML code. Why can't they just let us simply upload what we want? T.T
Anyway, do let me know what you think. Love? Hate?

Monday, April 26, 2010

To do's?

I really wonder what do people do when they are not working nor studying when all their friends are working cz yea, im in that category now. On strike. And all i do these days is watch movies, series, gym, eat, shit, sleep, blogging, stalking, surfing the net and etc.

So i decided to go and search for what are the To Do's when you're bored. All these are randomly picked based on my liking. :D

1. Play dead. -Have been doing these when I'm really tired. 
2.Give a(your) cat a Mohawk.- aawww... that would be sho cute!
3.Go to McDonald and pretend you can't speak English!
4.Turn off all the lights for 10 minutes. Now, turn them on and shout, Surprise!
5.Fried up some marbles and make jewelry!
6.Raining? Don't hide indoors. Whether you're 3, 13, 33 or 63, get out there and splash in the puddles. Feel the joy!
7.Post a funny missing dog poster. 
8.Try finger painting. Then, create your masterpiece with you toes.
9.Choose challenging food like spaghetti or ice-cream. Put your fork aside and eat with your hand.(pls use Dettol before eating.)
10.Plan your family's escape route in case of fire.

There, 10 things to do. Let me know if you have tried any of this.(I have not condone in any of this).
Pls share with me some of your ideas tho. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brow o brow

You see, i'm not like most girls, able to trim their eyebrow or paint their own nails. i usually leave it to the professional to do it. And on a usual routine, I'm out for a manicure and pedicure at The Nails Parlour.

 Very Pink! I Like!

After that, i decided i need to get my brow trimmed. I'm like growing a forest on my forehead. HAHAHAH.. There's a salon that i patronize regularly in Subang, but i felt lazy to drive all the way today and decided to pick a nice decent salon like Bluunis the ultimate imperfectness impressionist. Well, they certainly made an impression, that not to ever ever ever visit them. They freaking trimmed my eyebrow sooo thin that every time i look in the mirror, i felt like a tranny! Fucking hell! never ask my permission and shaved off half of my brow. sob sob. when i say trim, means trim off the excess hair. Fucking act smart cunt!

Huhu.. now on, hatta go thru a major scanning thru the photos before uploading until my brow grew back to how it's suppose to be. How long is it gonna take again? T.T

Anyway, during the weekdays, as usual i went to gym and had dinner with my gym buddy, Carol. And this time, we decided to try this restaraunt, Boston Hot Pot. It is amazingly good! or maybe I'm really hungry.

Yup, half of this is mine!! *Slurp*

Carol's. :D

The red soup is mine, Tom Yam. The spiciness was fine until i accidentally choke on the soup. And Carol's herbs and something. forgotten wat d. T.T

I miss the juicy beef ball.*drools*

Yes, this is the beef ball I'm talking about. And here, it looked extra delicious cz Carol top some chilly as decoration. She inspired to be a chef so, i guess this is a good start! :D
And I'm gonna stop here cz all my drool is driving me nuts.

Good day people, And screw you, Bluunis's' so-called-makeup-artist! $#$%&#

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The backup plan!

I don't think this movie is out in the cinema yet, so don't ask me where and how i watch it. BTW, I LOVE THE STORY!! I always love to dream, especially about a guy like Stan (Alex OLoughlin) I mean, seriously, if you watch the movie, you would be thinking to yourself, where to find a guy like that besides the museum?

Here's roughly what the story's about. Chill!! im not gonna include spoiler.(tho i loved to!) :D
 After years of dating, Zoe(J Lo) decided that she wants to have a family but she can't find the right guy! So she decided to get insemination instead. And oh yea, fate do love games. On the day it self, after she got inseminated, she met Stan(Alex OLoughlin). They started to date and fall in love but she's pregnant! What's going to happen? Are they gonna make it through? Will Stan be a good father?

I hope this is enough to make you wanna watch the movie cz you won't regret this, it is romantically hilarious!!   


May i post the question what is ethically right or morally wrong? Who are we to say what is what? And who are we to judge someone? Even you knew that person for ten or twenty years or even your whole life, do you think we can judge someone? We may not voice out or tell the person, "Hey, I hate you, you're a freak!". Judging someone based on what we see or hear or feel already did some collateral damage.

Seriously, we are all human, OK! So let's just say, we're not perfect. And whatever we do, it is out of a reason.  Before we judge someone, can we think from their perspective? Just because that person is different, and we should boycott them?
I believe no one on earth is the same, everyone is different and special in their own way. I somehow do not believe that humans can be conformed. Everyone comes from a different walks of life and you can't expect them to be the same, can you? 

When was the last time you actually voice out your opinion without being bashed by your fellow family or friends saying your weird or you're not a team player? When your family or friends said, love you for something great you did, and bashed you for something you could have done better, tell them this, " You don't love me cz loving someone means loving everything about that person, either good or bad. And for that i still love you tho you're being a judgmental prick!"

I'm not going to say that I've never judge anyone in my life. If anyone dare to admit they never, that's really stupid, unless you're not human. Let's just say, judge less, appreciate more, ok?

What comes around goes around. And yes, Karma is a BITCH! 
Bullshit? Just wait. Your time has yet to come. And you won't even know it hit you. Until you do, all you ever feel is coldness and hardship.

*above are all my opinions, those who are not happy bout it, you are welcome to come bash me with your comments(tho they will be ignored).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Perfect Women

This is adapted from one of my favorite movie. Can you guess what movie is it?? And what do you think peeps? Is it true??

Monday, April 19, 2010

How to train your dragon 3D!!!

Yesh! finally found some kaki to watch it. I would not say the movie as totally great, but Toothless is soooo cute!!!

 Mad love aye?!

 *happily skips around*

Bored after movie, so i bought socks and off we go for some bowling sessions.

Nagen's first up!
Me posing dulu! haha

There i go! Just throw only la! hahaha..

Ex-emo boi!

Umar won the loudest throw of all!!

 See that? I'm leading!! (Don't you even dare to ask for the end results unless you have a death wish.)

Doing the unimaginable.

Can you imagine a grown up adult like you and me running around in Sunway Lagoon?? Well, at least i can't. When we see people doing, it, we'll be thinking all sorts, like "are the crazy? So hot running around" or "they got nothing better to do is it?" OR " sakai ar? never been to sunway lagoon is it?" 

But when you're actually doing it, you'll get wave after wave of fun. I guess, we often look too far and forgot that simple fun is what that makes us happy. So, I'm all ready to be silly!!! and thank goodness, i've got a bunch of crazy friends who's willing to be silly for a day! woot!!!

Here we are, all buttered up and ready for the scorching sun!!

Me and Laughing Queen trying to act like tourists. But no one beats Billy Lo. (In the background, with the camera.) Cz i put my camera to rest and me to have some fun. The following pictures are credits to Billy!!! tyty...

 Caveman were put to charge of the multi-usage locker. (RM10.00) RM15.00

 The single-usage locker. Put your things in, and locked. Forget something, wanna open n lock again?? Go get another token only talk! haha.. RM5.00

The food! 

THIS FOR RM16.00!!! Blardy hell!! *act angry* (anyway, not mine oso)

 *NOM NOM NOM* see me n laughing queen sharing? cz of u! Jeffrey Cheah! set the price so pricey, took only rm10.00 out of the locker to realize not enuf money. RM4.00 for a cup of coke full of ice and RM11.00 for the noodles. 

Self-timers on, smile peeps!

Power rangers!! LOL...

Caveman's expression never fail to out stand everybody else.

Caveman in synchronize swimming ! Not only he turned our heads, everyone in the pool is staring! hahaha..

Jungleman enslaving the GF. tsk tsk tsk...

me          : Say my name!!*whips*
Caveman: fiona...
me          : Louder! *whips*
Caveman: Fiona!
me          :LOUDER!!!! *whips whips*
Caveman: FIONA!!!!!

Billy Lo and Stevie Wonder (both skinny braised chicken)

Their revenge for calling them names. *huhuhu*

Bacaan ikrar. for wat?? 

THIS! To never ever ever forgive people like this. (someone bought new bikini and forgot to peel of the hygienic protecter, decided to do it in da pool? real genius!)

Ask you to relax la.. open your mouth so wide for what??

Synchronize swimming. teeeheeeeeee....

The lady's action time!


Our very own Miss F1 and the jungleman is up! (check out the dude in blue's expression) lol!!

running, running,

Down they go....

I'm up with Stevie Wonder(God bless me pls)


Down i go, first!

And Stevie.

Billy's turn with Jungleman's second attempt.

They're doing good.....

Until they lost control....

Caveman and MissBella's up!

Stand up Bella!!


Me(2nd attempt) and laughing queen

we deffos make great partner(got time to chat samor)

Sexy leg huh?? Want to get to know her??? :D make sure you got 5C and then we'll do a audition. In the mean time, u can send in your resume. She will go through it and finalist will be notified thru email.


The awesome Kalahari Fun!(king kong, as jungleman named it)

Discussing who won. Confirm is me lor!

waiting.. waiting... waiting....


Caveman being..... caveman!

Ice-cream on a sunny day is heavenly nice!

 Ain't he/she a cutie???

 Nom nom time!


 Who knew raccoon fancies chicken

Loves the brown purplish on your hair. 

Felt like the movie Jurassic Park. Once you've enter, you may not make it back out. Muahahahah...
 Come here birdie birdie... You will make an awesome head accessories.*evil grin*
 Resting after failed to catch the birdies as accessories.

If you have something to say but got no internet or telephone or money, look out for these pigeon holes. Be nice and they may do you a favor. :D
 Billy's failed attempt to be an scarecrow. (in this case, scarebird).

*Do not disturb. Self stimulating in progress.(Note: the bear is trying to lick its own nipp.) HAHAHAHAHHA...
Pirate ship!! Run for your lives!!!
The mighty warriors are on board. Strap yourself n stop posing la.. wanna die ar?! hahahahh...
I swear this caveman held this peace sign thru out his whole rite. HAHAHAH..
Do not stick your hands or head(attempt) out! Behave you two! tsk tsk tsk...
Finally, it started to drizzle and all decided to hit the showers and chao!
 Dinner time! Note that roasted chicken? only for RM1.00 at Canton-i. Promotion for their 1st anniversary or something like that. So, what are you waiting for?? Go stuff your face with the chicken!!!
 Forgive my fatness that has no cure. T.T
Note: Photos without my watermark are photos courtesy of Billy Lo. And some those with watermarks, credits to Billy Lo as the photographer. (i donno why, he just love taking photos.) Thanks again.