Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Climb

Last Saturday was my first ever outing to Camp 5.  It is deffo one hell of a experience plus the extra long nails that i have. And i cracked a nail. That's all! So this package of fun charges you as low as RM38.00 and a big bag of exhaustion. 

Woot! So much to fill?! Of coz la! Later die how?!

Laughing Queen is signing to become me and MissBella's guarantor!!(cz she is a member and she has the experience)


Camwhored while MissBella in the loo.

MissBella is up first. And yes, you need a person behind to support you in case you fall and crack your head. muahahahahah!!

And she reached the top!! BTW, we're not wearing harness cz this is a easy one called the Boulder(correct me if im wrong)

And im up next!

All this is just for us to warm up and get the slight idea how to climb.

Laughing Queen showing us her skill. ^^

Fuish! Penuh dengan gaya! :D

The queen demonstrating how to tie the figure 8 knot. It took me a while to memorize which goes where. haha..

Yay! im up there! but trust me, you don want to stay there for long. Its like a oven up there. @_@

 Each of us got to pick a color to climb and i pick orange whilst MissBella picked blue. I'm further up cz im very excited and started first. :D

 Yes, there's plenty of lil kiddos climbing like a pro there. Felt like a big nub tho. T.T

Laughing Queen showing us her mad skill. pls note that this wall is slightly slanted. not easy when gravity is pulling you down.

Laughing Queen came down and join in for a snap snap!

Introducing the Spiderman!

Trying another color. Go GREEN!

Finally made it up there. Almost gave up half way. *.*

Tsk tsk tsk.. this Bella, still got time to turn around and post. You're the champ gal!

Spidey running out of webs. LOL..

I failed the track that she is doing  and she decided to give it a try too.

 Finally Spidey were asked to perform the right way. hehe... we got short limbs la. don't blame us.

 Woot! She made it up there with a Darlie smile! :D

Our scars from the battle.

On the way home. Forced to camwhore cz of the stupid jam!

 Stuck here for more than half an hour. *yawns*

That's roughly bout it. :D Overall bout Camp 5 is really good. Their instructors/marshals/trainers(whatever you call them) is really scary. They keep an extra eye on you, making sure you're safe. Laughing Queen concluded that i don't wanna join her again because of my nails and my expression. but honestly, i think i would wanna go again. when my nails are ready. :D

P/S: I had so much fun with you girls. Mad love! muah!!

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