Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad days?

I believe everyone had bad day(s). But how bad can it go, seriously?

P/S: Bad hair day or lack of sleep does NOT count!

So what kind of bad day am i talking about? My previous post  was just the beginning of the day. And i totally did not see that as bad. It will be a long post if i decide to post the whole event meticulously. I'm not going to make your life any harder so, here you go:

1.Drama with my boss/preach. And quit my job! (not the first time i try to quit with the same employer)

2.Called my mom in NY to only hear her comfort me but cried even harder. (not cz she scolded me but she told me how much she loves me.)

3. Dreaming happily half way and got interrupted by my preach asking me to go to work. (yes, my dad is my boss hence i named him my preach. and that's why its very hard for me to quit him.)

4. Mom called at 11.30am to check on me. And she wants me to go back to my studies. If i do, means i gotta wait another four years to see my mom. which totaled 15 years of not seeing her. and i miss her!! sigh!

5.*LATEST* Chilling at home with some movies and ACCIDENTALLY deleted a folder that contains over 50 movies!!(i swear sometimes i feel like a dumb blonde, only I'm not blonde.)

Thank God it ends there! and tomorrow, 10.30 am going for rock climbing with Laughing Queen & MsBellaWalker. (maybe la.. considering its 10.30am, darn early!) and also sunday, Lagoon with the HoweVilla members. :D 

will prolly update if my days gets any worst. lets pray it doesn't. AMEN.

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