Saturday, April 24, 2010

The backup plan!

I don't think this movie is out in the cinema yet, so don't ask me where and how i watch it. BTW, I LOVE THE STORY!! I always love to dream, especially about a guy like Stan (Alex OLoughlin) I mean, seriously, if you watch the movie, you would be thinking to yourself, where to find a guy like that besides the museum?

Here's roughly what the story's about. Chill!! im not gonna include spoiler.(tho i loved to!) :D
 After years of dating, Zoe(J Lo) decided that she wants to have a family but she can't find the right guy! So she decided to get insemination instead. And oh yea, fate do love games. On the day it self, after she got inseminated, she met Stan(Alex OLoughlin). They started to date and fall in love but she's pregnant! What's going to happen? Are they gonna make it through? Will Stan be a good father?

I hope this is enough to make you wanna watch the movie cz you won't regret this, it is romantically hilarious!!   

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