Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brow o brow

You see, i'm not like most girls, able to trim their eyebrow or paint their own nails. i usually leave it to the professional to do it. And on a usual routine, I'm out for a manicure and pedicure at The Nails Parlour.

 Very Pink! I Like!

After that, i decided i need to get my brow trimmed. I'm like growing a forest on my forehead. HAHAHAH.. There's a salon that i patronize regularly in Subang, but i felt lazy to drive all the way today and decided to pick a nice decent salon like Bluunis the ultimate imperfectness impressionist. Well, they certainly made an impression, that not to ever ever ever visit them. They freaking trimmed my eyebrow sooo thin that every time i look in the mirror, i felt like a tranny! Fucking hell! never ask my permission and shaved off half of my brow. sob sob. when i say trim, means trim off the excess hair. Fucking act smart cunt!

Huhu.. now on, hatta go thru a major scanning thru the photos before uploading until my brow grew back to how it's suppose to be. How long is it gonna take again? T.T

Anyway, during the weekdays, as usual i went to gym and had dinner with my gym buddy, Carol. And this time, we decided to try this restaraunt, Boston Hot Pot. It is amazingly good! or maybe I'm really hungry.

Yup, half of this is mine!! *Slurp*

Carol's. :D

The red soup is mine, Tom Yam. The spiciness was fine until i accidentally choke on the soup. And Carol's herbs and something. forgotten wat d. T.T

I miss the juicy beef ball.*drools*

Yes, this is the beef ball I'm talking about. And here, it looked extra delicious cz Carol top some chilly as decoration. She inspired to be a chef so, i guess this is a good start! :D
And I'm gonna stop here cz all my drool is driving me nuts.

Good day people, And screw you, Bluunis's' so-called-makeup-artist! $#$%&#

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