Saturday, April 24, 2010


May i post the question what is ethically right or morally wrong? Who are we to say what is what? And who are we to judge someone? Even you knew that person for ten or twenty years or even your whole life, do you think we can judge someone? We may not voice out or tell the person, "Hey, I hate you, you're a freak!". Judging someone based on what we see or hear or feel already did some collateral damage.

Seriously, we are all human, OK! So let's just say, we're not perfect. And whatever we do, it is out of a reason.  Before we judge someone, can we think from their perspective? Just because that person is different, and we should boycott them?
I believe no one on earth is the same, everyone is different and special in their own way. I somehow do not believe that humans can be conformed. Everyone comes from a different walks of life and you can't expect them to be the same, can you? 

When was the last time you actually voice out your opinion without being bashed by your fellow family or friends saying your weird or you're not a team player? When your family or friends said, love you for something great you did, and bashed you for something you could have done better, tell them this, " You don't love me cz loving someone means loving everything about that person, either good or bad. And for that i still love you tho you're being a judgmental prick!"

I'm not going to say that I've never judge anyone in my life. If anyone dare to admit they never, that's really stupid, unless you're not human. Let's just say, judge less, appreciate more, ok?

What comes around goes around. And yes, Karma is a BITCH! 
Bullshit? Just wait. Your time has yet to come. And you won't even know it hit you. Until you do, all you ever feel is coldness and hardship.

*above are all my opinions, those who are not happy bout it, you are welcome to come bash me with your comments(tho they will be ignored).

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