Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prank gone wrong?

I don't know if ya'll watched this video. Bout a girl died after their friend pulled a prank on her.

Video here. Apparently, all the videos in youtube is forcefully removed. Due to some reasons. Probably disrespectful to the deceased.

But I got quite curious after watching the video. Is it for real? Well, there's always Google for everything rite?!

After some "research" I have this 90% feeling it's fake!

Below are the screen shots of her running after her friends scared the crap outta her.

And suddenly, a car came outta nowhere and hit her.

Officially behind the wheels.

Go watch it and tell me what you think before the video is being removed again. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cop on leave

Yes!!! I'm counting down one(1) more day and all hell shall break loose!! LOL.

If you're wondering, it's cz with my dad a.k.a cop around, I tend to play the lil angel. 

Ya ya ya... I know, your're laughing your socks off. Me angel? But damn, I really did pull it off! XD

And now, my cop is going on a holiday!! for a whole freaking weekk!!!

Ohh yea!! Don't know if you can tell my excitement. 

This calls for celebration!! AndI'm all ready to transform!  Just for a week. teehehehe...

BTW, wanted to share this just for the theme of the week. XD

Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh noooo... Not me of coz. Few months back, I gossiped bout my secretary S. If you didn't get to catch what happenned, here is the story.

But now, I'm here to gossip more! I think her man left her, and her depression gotten a level higher. Why? By being delusional.

How? She went telling a few of my employee that an employee of mine, wait, lemme think, what name shud I give him.

Ok ok... Call him Ram. So Ram is married and in his late forties. This shameless S, went around telling people that, Ram's wife is jealous of S. That they works together, and get to see each other everyday. WTF  right?

I think she's crazy. Work together and all so what? His wife is sleeping and shagging the hubby anytime she wants. Not to mention they have a few kids! One is even married. What makes S thinks she's jealous?

And when Ram is not feeling well, Mrs.Ram call my dad a.k.a boss for day off and will provide MC when he comes in. And S got furious! haha.. She raised her voice to Mrs. Ram saying that, why didn't you inform me?!  Ram found out obviously. But well, he did not say or did anything. Why wanna layan a crazy women?

S actually reminded me of a movie, Obsessed.

LOL! Only problem is, she's no where close to being like Ali Larter. >< And deffos not close to being mastermind of all the chaos. So, I guess, she'll be safe cz I'm sure every women will fight like Beyonce to protect her kingdom.

I still remember the last time a scandal happened in my company. Cut the chase, both got fired. HAHA..
I'm going to be the reporter!! Will see what my dad thinks and does.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Anger venter

Again, I'm so frustrated and almost burst out of tears. It's so silly because I've always felt frustrated and angry. And I think I know why. The reason is pretty obvious and right in front of my freaking face but I never notice it.

It's basically a cause and effect kinda thing. Very simple, what others do to me definitely affects me a lot. Worst still, family. Parents are usually the role model to the children, and assumingly, this is how my blog name is found. I wish I had the chance to get to know my parents better. This sound so wrong, I made it sound like they were dead or something. wtf. No, they're very alive and kicking.

Sometimes I really wish that things were back to that simple, just like when I'm was a child. Well, an wise old man told me once that I can not always look back and forget what's ahead. I gotta agree with it. But I never stop wondering, what happen to the unlimited love they had when they first got us.

What happened to the unlimited encouragement when you first learning to walk? And those, it's ok, try again kind of talk? It all turned in to scolding. Or more of venting out on the kids when they got their ass screwed outside. And I don't know if I should thank my dad or not, I inherited his best worst behaviour. Short on temper. FTS. And I will never walk a way or let him vent on me without putting up a fight. But of course, I'll never win any of those fight, cz he's the master of ridiculous! Now, I'm actually trying to not fight. Instead, I kept quiet and try to calm myself down by counting to ten. It worked in a way that I don't exactly want to shout back. Instead, I almost burst in to tears.

I don't know if this trick would help cz the amount of stress is causing sleep deprivation and I wish someday, I can say this:

"I can't sleep because finally reality is better than my dreams." 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dead palm tree

Yes! My factory got hit by a dead palm again! This is the third time. Even for a life time, I think this is a lil tooo often!

The stupid owner of that stupid piece of estate didn't bother and this is what happen.

No, the red splattered is paint. Nobody died.

Damages on our equipment, fence, strained the overhead electric wires and almost causes an heart attack! I swear when I heard that loud thump, I thought it's the end of the world...

ok ok.. maybe I exaggerated, but that's not the point!

The mess that we gotta clean?  Ok ok... not me doing the cleaning but, that is still not the point!

Reported to TNB and I assume everyone knows how efficient they are. God knows how long is it gonna take for them to fix the overhead wires.

We gotta chainsaw that dead mutha effer to even start cleaning or repairing the fence or even do anything!

And that is still not the point!

The point is the idiotic owner caused us unnecessary trouble, 3TIMES! o0o

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Do grass really look greener from the other side? Apparently it does.

 I still remember the days where I use to be in a relationship, all I ever wish for is to be single and happy! It's not that I'm not happy to be in the relationship. *ahem* It's just that whatever they are doing seems more fun. 

And now, I have stayed out of relationships for (X) months. Well, I must say the first few months was awesome. I party like there's no tomorrow and lived life with no boundaries.

 And I deffos thought that being single isn't that bad after all. And now, all I see is happy couples. No, I don't wish to be in a relationship yet. It may sound contradicting but that's how I feel! Hmph.. I don't know how to explain this. 

But I guess it's human nature. We always crave for something that we don't have or already lost. I guess the solution is very simple.

 Be contented! So easy rite? Two words simple words and that's it? What is the true meaning behind this words? Do we really understand the definition behind it? Can we actually do it?

Here's something to ponder: 

We cannot be contented because we are happy, 
and we cannot be happy because we are contented. 
-Walter Savage Landor

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bling bling

I suppose I should start with a story line and then head to what is this post about, yes?

No, I'm gonna break the rule(if there's one) of just posting what I like and yet, I don't owe anyone any explanation.


Yeah~~~ this is all photos of Before & After.  My phone! Now it's sooo girly!! I loike!!!

Coolness, no?

You didn't think I'd stop pimping my stuff did you?? lol...

For you pervert who think that mini stick is a vibrator or sort, you're wrong! It's a mini torch light! >_<

And yes, I'm addicted till I pimped my air-cond controller. LOL

My name card holder!! Damn cute right?! of my genius friend thought it's a butterfly when he first saw it. =_= It's a bow my friend!!!

Due to the cutesy level, it's not very suitable to be a name card holder. I sorta hide it when I'm giving my name card now. Fml.

That's it, I'm gonna go steal my brother's phone and bling it! LOL (hope he don't kill me pls)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I saw something I like very much in a blog, but OBVIOUSLY, it is copied somewhere too...

And I don't exactly like the boring appearance..

So, I decided to re-do it. :D

And here is the my work!

How's that? Much better?? *click to enlarge* Or, easier, view it here.

And let me share with you how I can do this easily!

Yes! Its Gooey! I lovee the name..... Goooooooey! lol.. ok ok.. here's how to create your very own masterpiece that may or may not get viewed. :P

But FIRST, get connected with your FB! Its a must okay? (so the creator can stalk you.)

Only use browsers like CHROME, FireFox or Safari yea cz the creator is a geek. (tips: use CHROME and he'll like you more)

Once you've checked what I mention above, you're good to go.

Follow the instructions above I tell you! Cause, I was so blinded by the word Gooey, I didn't see the Create Gooey clicky. =( And off I went saying donno how to use. fml.

The world monitor is your canvas, go nuts! :)

Oh, did I say that you can share your creation?! Oh yeah.... you can!!

This is my favori(French for favorite)!

Okay, enuf! Go create your own Gooey, NOW! XD

Thursday, September 2, 2010

KFC ruled by pigs

Recently, I was really busy and also running out of brain juice on what to post. But thanks to KFC, I've got myself a nice steamy post.

I will start with the fact that I love KFC! Why? Having me wanting things to be done instantly and no waiting needed. Obviously KFC is a good choice right? No waiting and the food taste great even is a little fattening.

But, hey, this is not a post on how awesome KFC is. This is a post on how KFC sucks ballsacks! No, there's nothing wrong with their chicken. It's the pigs!

I was super hungry cz I missed my lunch and it was 2.30. And I'd turn monster when my stomach's growling. So, off I went to KFC to get some munch.

After I ordered and paid, the cashier dude - (lets just call him lamp post) told me I gotta wait for ten(10) minutes. Having in my state of hungriness, I still waited patiently.

Ten minutes passed.

No sign of my food.

Another five minutes passed, all the customer after me, got their food.  And I'm still waiting. So, I asked where is my FOOD?

Guess what the stupid lamp post said, in BM " Sepuluh minit la.."

My fucking eye balls almost fell out of my face! Are you a fucking retarded over grown idiot? (no, i didnt said that) It's been 15 minutes!! And with a awesome attitude, he walked away.

To cool myself down, I called a friend and talk instead.

Five minutes later which in total of 20 minutes, my royal highness food came.

So I came up with the idea of what is the fucking problem with KFC.

1) Over crowded workers
While I was standing there beautifully 20 minutes, I was trying to count how many workers do they have there. Guess what? Easily 5 in the kitchen! And obviously, they are not cooking. Then when I turn around, there's like 4 or 5 of them sitting down, on the customers table chilling! What the fuck do they think they're doing? And let me tell you, there's only 1 person working at the counter that has 4 cashiers! Do the maths yourself and tell me it's not over crowded.

2) They hired a bunch of over weight, lazy, pigs!
Well, if you're reading this post and is/was working with KFC, ask yourself this question. "Are you over weight or lazy? No judgement passed albeit we all know who are the people that works there.

3) Supervisor abet with the subordinates.
I watch with my fucking eyes one employer punched three cards right in front of his supervisor!

So, besides the pig, everything is still finger licking good!