Saturday, September 4, 2010


I saw something I like very much in a blog, but OBVIOUSLY, it is copied somewhere too...

And I don't exactly like the boring appearance..

So, I decided to re-do it. :D

And here is the my work!

How's that? Much better?? *click to enlarge* Or, easier, view it here.

And let me share with you how I can do this easily!

Yes! Its Gooey! I lovee the name..... Goooooooey! lol.. ok ok.. here's how to create your very own masterpiece that may or may not get viewed. :P

But FIRST, get connected with your FB! Its a must okay? (so the creator can stalk you.)

Only use browsers like CHROME, FireFox or Safari yea cz the creator is a geek. (tips: use CHROME and he'll like you more)

Once you've checked what I mention above, you're good to go.

Follow the instructions above I tell you! Cause, I was so blinded by the word Gooey, I didn't see the Create Gooey clicky. =( And off I went saying donno how to use. fml.

The world monitor is your canvas, go nuts! :)

Oh, did I say that you can share your creation?! Oh yeah.... you can!!

This is my favori(French for favorite)!

Okay, enuf! Go create your own Gooey, NOW! XD


  1. Looks like an awesome app!
    How does the owner know i'm using Chrome? Is he cute?

  2. yea... its quite fantastic. :)

    lol.. what a question, erm, i definitely don't know how he knows. cute lies in the eye of the beholder, find out urself, mayb he's ur type? :P

  3. in our blog we can check which broswer people use to view our blog.
    at Design> Stat> Audience

    So I am pretty sure the owner has ways to check.

    and yeah, this looks like a really cool application. Im going to try it when I am free!
    Thanks for introducing it!~