Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh noooo... Not me of coz. Few months back, I gossiped bout my secretary S. If you didn't get to catch what happenned, here is the story.

But now, I'm here to gossip more! I think her man left her, and her depression gotten a level higher. Why? By being delusional.

How? She went telling a few of my employee that an employee of mine, wait, lemme think, what name shud I give him.

Ok ok... Call him Ram. So Ram is married and in his late forties. This shameless S, went around telling people that, Ram's wife is jealous of S. That they works together, and get to see each other everyday. WTF  right?

I think she's crazy. Work together and all so what? His wife is sleeping and shagging the hubby anytime she wants. Not to mention they have a few kids! One is even married. What makes S thinks she's jealous?

And when Ram is not feeling well, Mrs.Ram call my dad a.k.a boss for day off and will provide MC when he comes in. And S got furious! haha.. She raised her voice to Mrs. Ram saying that, why didn't you inform me?!  Ram found out obviously. But well, he did not say or did anything. Why wanna layan a crazy women?

S actually reminded me of a movie, Obsessed.

LOL! Only problem is, she's no where close to being like Ali Larter. >< And deffos not close to being mastermind of all the chaos. So, I guess, she'll be safe cz I'm sure every women will fight like Beyonce to protect her kingdom.

I still remember the last time a scandal happened in my company. Cut the chase, both got fired. HAHA..
I'm going to be the reporter!! Will see what my dad thinks and does.