Thursday, September 2, 2010

KFC ruled by pigs

Recently, I was really busy and also running out of brain juice on what to post. But thanks to KFC, I've got myself a nice steamy post.

I will start with the fact that I love KFC! Why? Having me wanting things to be done instantly and no waiting needed. Obviously KFC is a good choice right? No waiting and the food taste great even is a little fattening.

But, hey, this is not a post on how awesome KFC is. This is a post on how KFC sucks ballsacks! No, there's nothing wrong with their chicken. It's the pigs!

I was super hungry cz I missed my lunch and it was 2.30. And I'd turn monster when my stomach's growling. So, off I went to KFC to get some munch.

After I ordered and paid, the cashier dude - (lets just call him lamp post) told me I gotta wait for ten(10) minutes. Having in my state of hungriness, I still waited patiently.

Ten minutes passed.

No sign of my food.

Another five minutes passed, all the customer after me, got their food.  And I'm still waiting. So, I asked where is my FOOD?

Guess what the stupid lamp post said, in BM " Sepuluh minit la.."

My fucking eye balls almost fell out of my face! Are you a fucking retarded over grown idiot? (no, i didnt said that) It's been 15 minutes!! And with a awesome attitude, he walked away.

To cool myself down, I called a friend and talk instead.

Five minutes later which in total of 20 minutes, my royal highness food came.

So I came up with the idea of what is the fucking problem with KFC.

1) Over crowded workers
While I was standing there beautifully 20 minutes, I was trying to count how many workers do they have there. Guess what? Easily 5 in the kitchen! And obviously, they are not cooking. Then when I turn around, there's like 4 or 5 of them sitting down, on the customers table chilling! What the fuck do they think they're doing? And let me tell you, there's only 1 person working at the counter that has 4 cashiers! Do the maths yourself and tell me it's not over crowded.

2) They hired a bunch of over weight, lazy, pigs!
Well, if you're reading this post and is/was working with KFC, ask yourself this question. "Are you over weight or lazy? No judgement passed albeit we all know who are the people that works there.

3) Supervisor abet with the subordinates.
I watch with my fucking eyes one employer punched three cards right in front of his supervisor!

So, besides the pig, everything is still finger licking good!


  1. Lol... one person punching 3 cards.

    fastfood become slowfood.


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