Monday, June 28, 2010

Miss Liese!

Thanks to Plus Size Kitten i absorbed all the hype of Liese's Juicy Shower!! And yesterday, i went to one of the Watsons outlet to get one an join in the frenzy!

Unfuckinfortunately, all i see is the refill bottle! Apa macam ler??

While i was standing there contemplating, a couple walk past and stop next to me.

The women, raised her hand to the back of the bottles and pulled out one of this!
I was totally dumbfucked! Cz i was standing there with a friend there for about 2 minutes looking around and contemplating. And this crazy women come n magically pulled out a bottle behind? wtf.

And she's holding the bottle and reading it and contemplating of buy or not to buy.

I'm gave her a cock stare and said " Give me the bottle and nobody get hurt." And she kindly obligated.


Of coz this is not what happen la! T.T

Anyway, I didn't get to own that bottle. =(

Instead, I got myself this!
 But this 1 got no nozzle to spray. So how am i going to use it??

I got creative and did this.

Hahaha... So damn happier than owning the bottle. Why?

Cz i saved some penny on buying that bottle and recyled at the same time!! XD

Adrenaline junkies

For the weekend, I went to for my second experience in painballl paintball.

In fact, my virgin experience is also taken by them. And back then, i went with Howevilla members.

I must say the experience left me traumatized and craving for more adrenalin pumping!!

And this time, Samantha organized a bunch of people to shoot the crap outta each other. We had a few choices but we settled for mudtrekker for the jungle experience.

Besides that, it is deffos cheaper to other places in town that does not offer the jungle exp but only with bunkers.

So, our plan is to meet in Solaris 9 a.m! Mother of all crack! 9?! And, as fate dealt me a lousy hand, i overslept and woke up at 9!! T.T

Thought they would left without me, but they were nice enough to wait for me. So, i rushed over n reach at 10.30.

First thing that i heard from them after Hellos was " You die la! Everyone marked you as target d!"

*gulp* I was begging for mercy but, Carine said, " Even the people in this car spared you, the others wont."

Ooh ma gold!  That's it! That's the end of me!!! T.T

And we reached the location!

I particularly love this metal bridge cz it's really old and rusted. So when you walk accross it, it will make noise as if it's gonna collapse. (actually i'm the one jumping on it to make noise) heheh..

 Greedy-nyer Roseline... take so many pellets. XD

Introducing Mr.Tai Kau (big piece for direct translation in cantonese) Will be explained why name is given. XD

Fill, fill, fill.. Later run out of pellet, hide or prepare to die! ngeh ngeh ngeh~~~

Ini Craig. Donno why, belum start already got paint. tsk tsk tsk....

Everyone's like Except Carine's like Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero.

Check out the red marker. Deffos a beau!

Positioning.... in other words, HIDE!!

Somehow, my instant-device, detected someone(Marcus) who still got time to turn around and smile~~ @_@

Game on!

Piew piew piew~~~

Janice cover while Carine reload!

The Marshall is kind enuf to help us take photos for our first game outta six games. =.=

Samantha- Most Valued Bait Player

Marcus(in brown): Sorry boss....
Some snap shots that i took. No idea what's going on, but thought of adding in some dialogs. kekeke...

Roseline and boyfie Yee Chien(in glasses)

 Stuck in that turtleshell vest and sweating like a cow!

So, this is why he is named Tai Kau, 1st, in comparison with Aires, he is quite Tai Kau. 2nd. He's wearing white. One can never miss spotting him not to mention shooting him! kekeke... poor him. roll here n there n still got shot.

As for me, this is all I got. Do not mistaken my face by complaining being shot. Actually, I felt didnt get shot enuf ler. (infact is me kiasi [scared to die].wtf.)

My sincerly apologies to headshot you. I felt like a big bully and felt really good bad for the kid.

Tai Kau & girlfie

Poser tak habis..

And the Marshall is kind enuf to help us take the group photo.

But as you can see, everyone is probably tired n traumatized and slightly disoriented when Samantha is screaming for everyone to gather for photo.

Moved 2 inches.

Still positioning.

Face expression tak ready!

Blardy hell! Look at the camera ler.. wtf..

From this photo, you'll notice Aires kept showing his battle marks, hahahah...

Like finally? XD

This Tai Kau, memang degil!

Must scold each time. ahahahah...

They say ignorance is a bliss. But in this case, not really. Felt a bit bad when i found out that it was Samantha's boyfie's birthday. T.T

So, Happy birthday Marcus!!

Tai Kau drooled while taking photos? :P

Craig(in white) : PLS DON'T STARE AT ME LIDAT LAR... I SHY LAR...

Samantha, Carine, Janice

Paintball Models??!

There there..I'm ending the post. I know. Very naggy. hahah...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fever fight!

Oo ma effingg gold! I can't believe it!! It's weekend and I'm down with fever and flue and also sore throat!

I know la ya'll bagus punyer siblings, but why visit me now? T.T

While I am sitting there thinking how i can fight with these devils, i saw something that is offering help!!

Yes, the normal remedy for everyone, no? At least not for me lor! I don't remember when was the last time i took them. Prolly std 6? no matter, the case is, i hate taking meds!! You know, the bitterness from the front to the end of ur tongue is eternity... ugghhhh!! So, we had this conversation like the following:

Meds: You want to recover anot? If you want, you better swallow me nao!!

Me : I want! but.. but.... but...... i really hate you!!!

Then, suddenly, another HERO came to rescue!!

It is the milk gummy with sweet corn scents!

After several rounds of discussion/persuasion, finally, they've decided!

To work together and get me better!!

And now, It's me! I gotta slap myself a few times and......

with the huge mug of water, I DID IT!!

So now, i think i better go sleep and let the mads meds work it's magic. But i still kinda doubt it will work ler! =(

Nebermind! I'm going to cast my own "mandirum"  before i sleep. Reason is, I promised my friend a paintball game on Sunday and I want to el partido on Sat! T.T

Nite nite peeps and shooo~ evil siblings!

CEO's fetish

Everyone  prolly has different fetishes. Boob, ass, nose, ear, foot, etc.

But here, is a comic strip.

For your laughter! hehe..

Yes, my battery is dying. haha..

Have a good day peeps!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodies! pt 2!

Hoho... I'm gonna give you another glimpse of good buy from Plus Size Kitten

They are the falsies from SHU UEMURA. ^^

Each pair is sold at RM30 RM20(sorry my bad. Otak tak betul d) + 10 for the effort to fight through the pack wolves in the warehouse sale. hoho... What can i say? Miu is the best personal shopper you can find. Why? Cz the 2 pairs on top, is the limited edition Shu Uemura falsies and she still sell it for sho cheap!! If me ar, sell it for RM80 d lor.. haha.. but no! this is for collection purpose. XD

Extremely glad that Carol showed me the light to her sister's blog. hahah... This is nt even quarter of the stuff i bought from her. What i can tell you is, she's very good in marketing! (or maybe she caught my taste d) She always shove things i cant resist to my way. And the best part is, she gives lots of freebies.

Now, who says you can't use designer cosmetic with a cheaper price?! With Plus Size Kitten it is possible!
Btw, she has a Facebook page! Go nao and like it!! Why? Cz she sells some of her stuff there! Only if you want goodies lar.. If you're rich enuf to buy at the ori price. Then good for you.

Go nao, NAO!