Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodies! pt 2!

Hoho... I'm gonna give you another glimpse of good buy from Plus Size Kitten

They are the falsies from SHU UEMURA. ^^

Each pair is sold at RM30 RM20(sorry my bad. Otak tak betul d) + 10 for the effort to fight through the pack wolves in the warehouse sale. hoho... What can i say? Miu is the best personal shopper you can find. Why? Cz the 2 pairs on top, is the limited edition Shu Uemura falsies and she still sell it for sho cheap!! If me ar, sell it for RM80 d lor.. haha.. but no! this is for collection purpose. XD

Extremely glad that Carol showed me the light to her sister's blog. hahah... This is nt even quarter of the stuff i bought from her. What i can tell you is, she's very good in marketing! (or maybe she caught my taste d) She always shove things i cant resist to my way. And the best part is, she gives lots of freebies.

Now, who says you can't use designer cosmetic with a cheaper price?! With Plus Size Kitten it is possible!
Btw, she has a Facebook page! Go nao and like it!! Why? Cz she sells some of her stuff there! Only if you want goodies lar.. If you're rich enuf to buy at the ori price. Then good for you.

Go nao, NAO!


  1. wah... i only sellin my garage sales stuffs n personal shopper services nia... thanks for all the support!!! not good in marketing lah.. just.. very good show carrot price haha..

    btw! the shu lashes only rm20+10 lah.. right..

  2. amoi.. not RM30 meh? u go check ur fb ler.. heheh..

  3. sorry.. just went n check. its RM20. paiseh ar.. heheh...