Friday, June 25, 2010

Fever fight!

Oo ma effingg gold! I can't believe it!! It's weekend and I'm down with fever and flue and also sore throat!

I know la ya'll bagus punyer siblings, but why visit me now? T.T

While I am sitting there thinking how i can fight with these devils, i saw something that is offering help!!

Yes, the normal remedy for everyone, no? At least not for me lor! I don't remember when was the last time i took them. Prolly std 6? no matter, the case is, i hate taking meds!! You know, the bitterness from the front to the end of ur tongue is eternity... ugghhhh!! So, we had this conversation like the following:

Meds: You want to recover anot? If you want, you better swallow me nao!!

Me : I want! but.. but.... but...... i really hate you!!!

Then, suddenly, another HERO came to rescue!!

It is the milk gummy with sweet corn scents!

After several rounds of discussion/persuasion, finally, they've decided!

To work together and get me better!!

And now, It's me! I gotta slap myself a few times and......

with the huge mug of water, I DID IT!!

So now, i think i better go sleep and let the mads meds work it's magic. But i still kinda doubt it will work ler! =(

Nebermind! I'm going to cast my own "mandirum"  before i sleep. Reason is, I promised my friend a paintball game on Sunday and I want to el partido on Sat! T.T

Nite nite peeps and shooo~ evil siblings!

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