Monday, June 28, 2010

Miss Liese!

Thanks to Plus Size Kitten i absorbed all the hype of Liese's Juicy Shower!! And yesterday, i went to one of the Watsons outlet to get one an join in the frenzy!

Unfuckinfortunately, all i see is the refill bottle! Apa macam ler??

While i was standing there contemplating, a couple walk past and stop next to me.

The women, raised her hand to the back of the bottles and pulled out one of this!
I was totally dumbfucked! Cz i was standing there with a friend there for about 2 minutes looking around and contemplating. And this crazy women come n magically pulled out a bottle behind? wtf.

And she's holding the bottle and reading it and contemplating of buy or not to buy.

I'm gave her a cock stare and said " Give me the bottle and nobody get hurt." And she kindly obligated.


Of coz this is not what happen la! T.T

Anyway, I didn't get to own that bottle. =(

Instead, I got myself this!
 But this 1 got no nozzle to spray. So how am i going to use it??

I got creative and did this.

Hahaha... So damn happier than owning the bottle. Why?

Cz i saved some penny on buying that bottle and recyled at the same time!! XD