Tuesday, June 15, 2010


4 major factors why people have sex.

1. Physical reasons such as to reduce stress.
It seems like a good exercise eh?

2. Goal based reason. Such as? I wanted to have a baby? (blah, that's common) but to some people, is to have a social status.
Yes, only the Japanese does sick things like this.

3. Emotional reason such as love and commitment. They give stupid excuses like, I wanna feel connected! haha... How many guys used this before? I wonder. Or, It could be an expression. I wanna thank you. So, lets have sex! :D
Oo ah oo ah!! There, i don't owe you any more. haha.. Why cant u just freaking buy that person a dinner or something? Maybe, it's just an excuse for sex, again!

4. Insecurity reasons. Like the partner kept insisting and you don't want to refuse cz ur afraid he/she gonna find someone else. uh oh...
Haha.. Sometimes, it is not necessary is the women rejecting a men. It could be the men as well. Maybe she smell bad or something like that. hahah...

Ya'll maybe wondering why am i talking bout reasons to have sex. Well, apparently, people have sex on all sorts of reason. 1 of the most recent sex is South Korea.
Apparently, their condom sales jumped up to five fold after their recent winning against Greece. 2-0. Woot!!

So watcha waiting for? Celebrate for your favourite team!!! woot!!!


  1. japanese are weird sometimes! =P

  2. Yep! Agree on the point that only japanese do sick stuff like that. :D

  3. japanese have a very open culture. but apparently the birth rate still at all time low

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  4. Lukey: I think their man, tak boleh kot.. hahaha..