Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spot that face!

You see, on a fine saturday, I went to Sunway Pyramid.

And then, I decided to chill in Starbucks with a friend while waiting for the rest to reach. Guess who i saw?! Well, I know it's not him la. But look just like him! (in some weird ways) HAHA..

I don't know is it my eyes or they do kinda look alike except the's not so fat and the face less lanci. I see the guy in white, his face like damn kiam pa!

Sorry la...  I was sitting quite far away from him n my lousy camera, can only do this best after the maximum zoom. And he noticed me paparazzi-ing him. So he walked away. >.<

Then, my friend came and we went to Pasta Gohan! Ordered something non-carb and something sweeet! How is this gonna help my diet ler? T.T

On the table, there's salt, pepper, chilly and cheese powder on the table for extra flavouring. But i guess i was too hungry, i decided to play with the spices/food.
Don't ask me what I'm trying to do here. Even i don't know. T.T fail lor! So not artistic.

Then, my corn soup came!!
It looks good eh? It is really good cause its damn creamy and there's lots of corn bits. 1 bowl of this, I'm full d. *BURP*

This is the pizza for RM2.00 if you join the membership. It's a lifelong. So no worries. Ordered sausage too. T.T   So full, i ate only 1 piece. Saving my stomach for my dessert!
This is mine. Banana chocolate ice-cream! Love the bottom of it. Filled with corn flakes. Yums!

This is Tiramisu with vanila ice-cream. Same, bottom with corn flakes. :P

This meal took almost 3 hours. Why? Cz too full to walk after that!

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