Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is a workplace gossip. haha. don't you just love gossiping in the office? kekeke..

So, the story begins with her.
Loooks like a criminal photo. hoho.. but no la, i wanna protect her privacy and at the same time able to enjoy gossiping. heheh....

So, the M.V.W stands for Most Valued Worker. WHY? cz she has been working for us, for a very long time. And im not talking bout 5 or 6 or 7 years. Its freaking 10 years. Im surprised she still look like this instead of something like this.

Anyway, back to the story, she quit last year with the reason of starting her own business. So i thought apa biz besar la.. asked her, "bukak gerai kat pasar shah alam, jual baju. (Translation: stall selling clothes in Shah Alam.)

Mind you, I'm not laughing or discriminating her. Read till the end and you will understand. So, 2 months ago, she came back to work half day with us. The reason, she's free afternoon. Since she's all experienced and all, we welcomed almost with the red carpet.
And after a week of her working, she's back to full time!
Mind you, our company, Saturday is a working day kay? so with the condition of not working on sat. well done! can negotiate samor. =.=

This is not even the part that i wanna gossip about. Cz for the time being, she has no idea what her pay is going to be. So she when she found out, that her pay is according to the old pay, she flip!
Not exactly like that, but that's how i feel. HAHA.. she didnt turn up at work on the next day without notice samor. and on the 2nd day, she texted me. saying that she wanna back to work from 8-12 only.with the salary of RMXXXX. with the excuse of need to take care of children this la that la.. blah blah blah.. wateva.

Is it me or is she trying to threaten us? By working half day, in her dreamy thoughts, she prolly thinks that we cant operate without her. And hopefully, raise her salary.

Yes, i think we would in your DREAM!

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