Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thick skin

I assume everyone has met someone that shamelessly ask for things or favors or even you yourself are so. But the matter is, how bad or worst the thick skin level can be? I don't know bout you guys, but me here, has an extreme case!(im not the victim of course)

So this gossip has been circling around my office like wildfire. So, who's so thick skin and what did she do?! Its one of my company secretary.Lets call her S. On working hours, she appears like a normal human being enslaved by moi! hahaha... 

 Aiya.. something like this la..

After i release her from my 8-5pm chain, she's free to do whatever she wants, i don't care.(unless its regarding my company's reputation la.)And apparently she is really realllly poor. Her house is made of wood that you can break in by a kick or so. I've seen it!

 This is not her house. Just showing you something similar. But who am i to judge or discriminate right?? I did not judge her till i heard the gossips. Not exactly gossip. more like complaining. haha...
So, what did i heard?! 

Here's what, she actually befriended with a operator (named J) from the production dept.(note: both are females la! if ur reading this to expect some sex scandal, go watch porn better.) The operator is an old lady(prolly around 60) that is working with us not cz she's poor but rather earn money than sit at home. And J went complaining to another secretary named R.Saying that S don't buy her own lunch and rather nib her food or ask J to buy her lunch. 

OK, this one, i think once a while boleh la...But from what i heard, this has been going on for at least 2 months! Can you believe it?? There's people who can live by just nibbling people's food. She think she's a squirrel ar?! 

And that doesn't end there! Some nights during the weekdays, she would drive to J's house to "chill". Watch TV, have dinner, snack and etc all on J's expenses! And on weekends, she would do the same only even more ganas, bring her children along for a sleepover! OMG! for a moment she thinks she's a squirrel then on another moment, she act like a sixteen year old. Going uninvited for sleepover. tsk tsk tsk...

I could imagine that's how she look like on a sleepover at that age(39), all the wrinkle and eye-bag. haha...

I think it is totally unavoidable to meet people asking favors from you. and you can always say no if you don't wanna help.

There's some steps to say no respectfully:

1) Listen to her first. Pretend like you're really interested to help.

2)This one can be tricky. Voice out your NO without raising your voice but at the same time confident and straightforward.

3) You don't owe him or her an explanation. You may not want to share the reason, so if he or she ask why, just say : "I don't like you and i don't want to tell you" And if necessary, change the topic and say, "Leave me alone or go bug someone else!"

4) If you're comfortable sharing, explain as simple as possible.

5) At last, if the requestor do not want to accept your answer, tell him or her this: "I've already made up my mind and if you don't like it, you can go fuck yourself". And then leave with a big smile on your face.

But for the people like S's case, you don't have to proceed step by step. Go straight to step 5. 

There, have a good day peeps! :D


  1. O_O your story intrigue me.. so drama wan ur office.. mine pretty boring...except for my boss's life dramas.

    This S.. she divorced ka? n suddenly turned lesbian? the J so nice? let her do this to her?!

  2. u call this drama ar?? eerr... this is like normal d.. more oso got ar! sigh..

    yeah! ur smart! her husband left her for another woman. not lesbian ler, i think is taking advantage of J. cz J is a widow. pity her fate. But now, she donno hw to reject her. So every time S comes, she hides in da room n J's children will say she's not in. hahah..