Monday, April 19, 2010

Doing the unimaginable.

Can you imagine a grown up adult like you and me running around in Sunway Lagoon?? Well, at least i can't. When we see people doing, it, we'll be thinking all sorts, like "are the crazy? So hot running around" or "they got nothing better to do is it?" OR " sakai ar? never been to sunway lagoon is it?" 

But when you're actually doing it, you'll get wave after wave of fun. I guess, we often look too far and forgot that simple fun is what that makes us happy. So, I'm all ready to be silly!!! and thank goodness, i've got a bunch of crazy friends who's willing to be silly for a day! woot!!!

Here we are, all buttered up and ready for the scorching sun!!

Me and Laughing Queen trying to act like tourists. But no one beats Billy Lo. (In the background, with the camera.) Cz i put my camera to rest and me to have some fun. The following pictures are credits to Billy!!! tyty...

 Caveman were put to charge of the multi-usage locker. (RM10.00) RM15.00

 The single-usage locker. Put your things in, and locked. Forget something, wanna open n lock again?? Go get another token only talk! haha.. RM5.00

The food! 

THIS FOR RM16.00!!! Blardy hell!! *act angry* (anyway, not mine oso)

 *NOM NOM NOM* see me n laughing queen sharing? cz of u! Jeffrey Cheah! set the price so pricey, took only rm10.00 out of the locker to realize not enuf money. RM4.00 for a cup of coke full of ice and RM11.00 for the noodles. 

Self-timers on, smile peeps!

Power rangers!! LOL...

Caveman's expression never fail to out stand everybody else.

Caveman in synchronize swimming ! Not only he turned our heads, everyone in the pool is staring! hahaha..

Jungleman enslaving the GF. tsk tsk tsk...

me          : Say my name!!*whips*
Caveman: fiona...
me          : Louder! *whips*
Caveman: Fiona!
me          :LOUDER!!!! *whips whips*
Caveman: FIONA!!!!!

Billy Lo and Stevie Wonder (both skinny braised chicken)

Their revenge for calling them names. *huhuhu*

Bacaan ikrar. for wat?? 

THIS! To never ever ever forgive people like this. (someone bought new bikini and forgot to peel of the hygienic protecter, decided to do it in da pool? real genius!)

Ask you to relax la.. open your mouth so wide for what??

Synchronize swimming. teeeheeeeeee....

The lady's action time!


Our very own Miss F1 and the jungleman is up! (check out the dude in blue's expression) lol!!

running, running,

Down they go....

I'm up with Stevie Wonder(God bless me pls)


Down i go, first!

And Stevie.

Billy's turn with Jungleman's second attempt.

They're doing good.....

Until they lost control....

Caveman and MissBella's up!

Stand up Bella!!


Me(2nd attempt) and laughing queen

we deffos make great partner(got time to chat samor)

Sexy leg huh?? Want to get to know her??? :D make sure you got 5C and then we'll do a audition. In the mean time, u can send in your resume. She will go through it and finalist will be notified thru email.


The awesome Kalahari Fun!(king kong, as jungleman named it)

Discussing who won. Confirm is me lor!

waiting.. waiting... waiting....


Caveman being..... caveman!

Ice-cream on a sunny day is heavenly nice!

 Ain't he/she a cutie???

 Nom nom time!


 Who knew raccoon fancies chicken

Loves the brown purplish on your hair. 

Felt like the movie Jurassic Park. Once you've enter, you may not make it back out. Muahahahah...
 Come here birdie birdie... You will make an awesome head accessories.*evil grin*
 Resting after failed to catch the birdies as accessories.

If you have something to say but got no internet or telephone or money, look out for these pigeon holes. Be nice and they may do you a favor. :D
 Billy's failed attempt to be an scarecrow. (in this case, scarebird).

*Do not disturb. Self stimulating in progress.(Note: the bear is trying to lick its own nipp.) HAHAHAHAHHA...
Pirate ship!! Run for your lives!!!
The mighty warriors are on board. Strap yourself n stop posing la.. wanna die ar?! hahahahh...
I swear this caveman held this peace sign thru out his whole rite. HAHAHAH..
Do not stick your hands or head(attempt) out! Behave you two! tsk tsk tsk...
Finally, it started to drizzle and all decided to hit the showers and chao!
 Dinner time! Note that roasted chicken? only for RM1.00 at Canton-i. Promotion for their 1st anniversary or something like that. So, what are you waiting for?? Go stuff your face with the chicken!!!
 Forgive my fatness that has no cure. T.T
Note: Photos without my watermark are photos courtesy of Billy Lo. And some those with watermarks, credits to Billy Lo as the photographer. (i donno why, he just love taking photos.) Thanks again.


  1. come on... all the photos are taken by me ok. ahahaha. taking the photos with ur camera doesnt make u as the photographer. wahahaha. and wth... billy lo... i have never agree on that english name :P

  2. tat makes the photo mine cz the photo in my camera. u volunteered to take photos only!!! hahahaha... lalalala....

    Billy Lo is to cover ur identity, but since u prefer ur own name, i shud change it, but i don want to! :P

  3. hahahahahaa omg all your captions on the pics super funny wehhhh..

    and Billy Lo??! HAHAHAHAHA why billylo?? gagagagga

  4. hahahha... the Billy Lo is created last year if im not wrong. Cz he don't have a english name. And we decided to giv him 1. Billy Lo, is funny, Bei Lei Lo(Cantonese). hahahah...

  5. Eh multi usage locker iz RM15.