Friday, May 7, 2010


Friends who actually hangs out with me will already realize my diet grew! I began to love dessert, especially those sweet and cold. >.<

Here are some of my journeys of nom nom

So i'm gonna start with the outing with Carol. But before i venture any further, can anyone tell me what is this, based on your imagination?? Its actually Vietnamese Ham Salad. WTF rite? their salad has only 1 green and the ham, omg, i don't even wanna talk about the ham. In conclusion, this Salad, failed big time!  I mean, how wrong can salad go ? But it's so bad that i didn't eat them. YUCK!!  Btw, this is from Vietnam Kitchen.

So, after that horrible meal, i thought of treating myself something nice. :D

Carol's banana split!

This is mine! Raspberry sorbet,  Macadamia nut, Green Tea and Dark Chocolate Orange.(clockwise)

So clean! see, i almost wanted to lick the plate. LOL..

On another day, im out with the boys at the Korean Street Food for lunch and also Tarot reading session. No photos of the food cz my rating was, nothing special-nothing to talk about. And the Tarot, it is amazing and creepy! Hahaha.. left the boys awed. *wink*

On another day, Pasta de Gohan!!

My strawberry milk! Oh~~~ so creammy. *slurp*

Appetizer~ Baked Code fish. - Very generous with their cheese, loving it!!

My sizzling Hamburg Steak! Erm, Wasnt too happy with it cz its dry and soft. But slowly as i dig to the center, its actually not bad. Still, i wouldn't recommend. :P

Last but not least! Dessert at Honeymoon! Fruits and crystal jellies.

This is called Sweetheart. Have no freaking idea why *you* ordered this. Looks like a pile of poop! hahaha.. no offense. Enjoy!

There, my entry of me eating here and there. Trust me, just submitting this entry, got me hungry. That's all for now i guess. Going to dig my fridge! :D

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