Friday, August 6, 2010

I can't feel

my nerves or bones cz I'm extremely tired. If only tired could describe how i feel now.

The past 2 weeks has been an roller coaster ride. It may not be the most memorable one, but I'm sure
I wont forget this.

Last week, my dad was diagnosed with cataract and glaucoma. I was completely devastated as glaucoma is an irreversible blindness. After a couple of days crying and emo-ing, I was all better.

I headed to Port Dickson with friends on wednesday , partly cz two of them is leaving to the States this month, and also to destress.

Came back on Thursday(yesterday), feeling a lot more better and ready for more battles coming my way as my dad will be having his first cataract surgery on tuesday and work and so forth.

As the usual greedy me, I decided to carry on the enjoyment a little longer by going to watch Salt after I reached KL.

After the movie ended and dropped my friends, my dad told me, my eldest brother is in the hospital due to high blood pressure. 200+ if I'm not mistaken. Rushed there to find he was stable.

Went home to bring his necessities and reached home bout 11+ and slept at 12 and woke up at 7. Went to the office for a bit and head to the hospital and accompanied my brother.

Reached home bout 9.30pm, and now, here I am, typing this. Tomorrow gotta be earlier! Gah... I'm so tired.
No, I'm not complaining. This is probably the best things I could have done.

Tonight, i asked myself, If this is your last, are you proud of yourself?
My answer would be yes. Eventhough I hasn't been the best daughter or sister or friend but I know, I did the best I could, and that's what that counts.

If you're reading this and wondering why all this mishaps happen to me, and probably thinking that I might have done lotsa bad stuff and all this's karma, I want to let you know what do I think of these incidents.

This is probably an opportunity from God, for me to learn that, besides relationship and friends and parties, people I should cared the most is my family. Also to forget about S and be stronger, way stronger..

Geeez... I can't keep my eyes open already. Going to pig.. and probably go on a hiatus for at least four or five days.

P/S: My phone is sent to SG for autopsy so no twitter updates or fb-ing for another 3 weeks. I should be screaming "FML!!!" right now. But no, I won't. I'm learning to accept things as they are.

Nights people. xoxo

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  1. I hope it will all shape up well... I wouldnt know ur thoughts entirely but I can tell you that you're an awesome person and friend. screw karma... (Nagen) ;)