Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I lied

cz i said i'll be going hiatus for at least four or five but it's only three and here I am blogging. hehehe...

Well, I was in Port Dickson last Wednesday. Went with another four dude, and they made the woman drove! Cis! None can drive a manual. Guys nowadays. hahahaha....

Back to the story, We were in PD and we think it'd be nice to have our own pool since the beach has been polluted from God knows when.

The perfect location is the The Legend International Water Homes. Allow me.

To the lobby for check in. Camwhore alone. =( nobody layan me. boohooo...


To our villa!!! I swear the guys is getting annoyed. lolol.. *don't care*

How bout a room that look like this?!
We literally threw our stuff to check out the place. XD

A 42" LCD tv. Not bad!! *Don't mind the Sri Lankan on the right. He's doing his prayer but his kiblat direction's wrong. =.= *

Washroom on the left, shower to the right.

Kitchen with microwave. And see that box on the most left? It's has all sorts of drinks in it. I might sound jakun but hey, usually hotels only gave you 2 teabags and that's it.

Are you wondering, where is the freaking pool I'm talking about???

lololol... I'm saving the last for the best.

How's that for a farewell trip??? I'd say superb!

*mirror mirror on the wall, who's the darkest of all*

Went with 1 dozen and half of beers, we managed to get up by 10 am. eheheh..

Took a stroll by the beach. Of course, I'll camwhore. :D

Walked to the end and saw this.

Turtle hatchery!!!

Record of when it was laid (sound so wrong): 25th May 2010
Species: Karah.
Beach: Tanjung Serai
Total eggs: 45
Nest number: 1A

Then, we saw something enormous!
Its the Giant Dragon Fish! This photo does not do it's justice!!

Click to enlarge ya..

And also this cute lil thingy that smells sooo freaking bad.

My friend Umar actually stick his head close to look at the rabbit, also at the same time, draw in a deep breath. LOLOLOL...

Ended the trip with Salt.

On our way back, we planned this, each go buy their own ticket.

Nagen will say Uppu which means Salt in Tamil.

Umar will say Lunu in Sinhalese.

Yong will say Yiam in Hokkien.

Emo-boi will say Yen in Mandarin.

I will say Yim in Cantonese.

The sales girl was totally mindfucked by us.

LOLOLO... Of course, we didnt do it lar... We're still sane.

Anyway, the movie is gooood. Love the action part. :D


  1. crap lah u all!! bully the cinema girl like this!!! hahah btw nice post.. this place got own pool?! amazing!!! how much $$ they charge per night?!

  2. say only ler!! we nvr did it. =(

    ya ya.. own pool!! 620 per night on a weekday. quite pricey but i think worth it lor... private pool ler!! we got really noisy at night oso no complains. kekeke...

  3. that's inclusive of tax n service chrg ya..

  4. Wow, looks like a great trip :)

  5. first thing that came into mind when I saw the giant dragon fish pic is...
    Can I eat that?