Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My house infested with rats?!

So one fine night, me and the family came home to find some food scattered around the praying alter.

And the superstitious aunt thinks that it's the wrath of my ancestors. (We did some offerings in the day time) She started thinking maybe the ancestors are angry with her cz she never prayed properly or something. LOL..

Then after some investigating, we thought it's the rats, cz we can see the food crumbles around it and evidence of bitten off instead or thrown.

But at the superstitious view, it can mean that the ancestors are unhappy with the food after taking one bite. LOL...

What could it be?? Dad is convinced it's rats, so he set the rat traps around the praying alter with some "delicacies". But it's not poisonous tho, it's just sticky so the rat will be trapped and it's up to us to decide how to kill it tomorrow. *ngek ngek ngek*

*The next morning*

 I woke up and ask dad did we caught it? *excited tone*

He said: No.

OMG!!! So it's the wrath of ancestors?! @_@

Of course not! haha..  Dad said it's actually a cat with two(2) kittens.

How did it got in? Our maid left the sliding door open. =.=

So my dad saw the cats in the morning and "chased" it away.

Relieved right?

Well, not for LONG!!

At night after work, while dad was watching the news, some pungent smell penetrating his nose and he start the investigating game again. hahha...

And guess what, the cats urinated at a corner! Damn you cats!! Dad also found them hiding behind the TV rack.

Took a broom and hit it. It got scared and bolted leaving it's two(2) kittens behind. Damn irresponsible mom. But good also, easier to get rid of them now.

Lifted the rack and my brother grabbed the kittens and left it in the playground.

According to the sources, the cats were reared by some couple but they moved months ago and now they're strayed.

Too fucking bad that I ain't animal lover.


  1. poor thing the cats got left behind by their owner.

    and my Dad is an expert at catching rats with sticky glue =S I hate the smell though sigh.

    and... there was one time.. a kitten got caught on the glue =S!!!!!!!! its super sticky and the kitten ran off with glues all over its body after Me and my bro try to seperate the kitty from the glue the cardboard and rag.

  2. oh, your dad use sticky glue? ours is just a paper, peel to use.

    i guess next time, when it comes to cat situation, i know who to ask. *wink*