Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To the future pilot

It's really funny how people from different walks of life cross path and met each other and became friends ever since.

Yesterday, Nagen begun his journey  to Nebraska. And I just starting to rewind back all the way to how we first met.

It started where I joined my course mate Vidya to Asia Cafe to do revision for the College Maths quiz. And I was super concentrating and not talking to anyone. And Nagen was sitting next to me. And I swear to God, I didn't pay attention to him not to mention notice him. lol...

Then, I have this Art class, I saw this Indian guy walked in and smiled at me. I was thinking, what's the deal with him? Do I know you? LOL.... But of coz, I smile back, just not to be rude.

And after few classes of Art class, there was this one time that he was late to class and the only seat available was next to me of coz. hahahaha... And there, we started to talk more and more and became closer.

There was this incident in Starbucks that I will not forget. (believe Umar won't too)
I was having some daddy issues and was emo-ing terribly.

Nagen came to rescue! Not exactly la, but he came to comfort me and gave me the courage to confront my dad and tell him everything how I feel and yada yada...

Well, It didn't exactly fix the problem I had with my dad but I'm glad I said what I need to.

He is the type of friend that will stay with you when you need a shoulder to cry on. Someone you can rely on and doesn't need you to worry for him, unless his cell phone battery died. You'd think he got mugged or something. Did i mention it happens all the time? lol..

We basically went through the bitter first. Then here comes the sweet memories. I can't tell how sweet it is. Let the photos do the talking. =)

Enuf of the nice things about you. You are human after all, so I will also miss your egoistic, narcissistic, homosexual metro sexual behaviour. 

And above all, we still love you no matter how or what you are. Take care and enjoy the time of your life in Nebraska. Lots of love!

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