Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why did you started

to drink coffee?? I used to hate coffee, a LOT!

Still hate it actually.

I'm always sleepy in the office but I managed to fight it and never wanted to have coffee.

But today, I gotta drive dad  for his eyes checkup in PJ. So, I can't risk driving while feeling sleepy, right???

So I thought, what can keep me awake? First thing that popped in to my head was coffee.

 Like it or not, it's going to help. So I decided to hit myself hard with caffeine.

2 packets of 3 in 1 coffee!!

Guess what, it worked.

But an hour or so later, I slightly feeling light headed. Felt like dizzy but not exactly dizzy. What is it??

I thought the caffeine cause my blood pressure to crash. But no, caffeine has no effects to blood pressure.

Then I thought, maybe I didn't had lunch. But I always skipped lunch but I never felt like this.


After thinking for a bit, I might be caffeine intoxicated. According to Wiki, it happens depending on the body weight or level of caffeine tolerance.

Well, of course I'm not that skinny lar... but basicly never drank coffee more than 5 times in my entire life. From what I can remember, this is my third time drinking coffee.

Believe it or not?! hehehe.... I hate the taste but somehow, I love coke!! hahah..

So, I guess my body could not accept the amount of caffeine in my body. sigh... Tonight will be sleepless or maybe not. Since I love sleeping, a LOT!

Today is officially the first time I drank coffee. Usually, I just sip from someone's cup for fun. Would I continue drinking? NO! Only when situation like this comes.

So do you drink coffee for it's taste or to keep you awake or for the caffeine rush(which i felt slightly like alcohol high)? lololol...

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