Friday, August 20, 2010

So silly, we're so happy

A night before Emo-boi leaving to NY, we went for dinner, second round drinking, silly photo session and movie!!

White boobies is rare for him. Even for a mannequin. LOL...


Both: I didn't know you're gay too! aaawwww..... <3

Old skool failed!

Ghost train!

Act cute failed.

Act horny, SUCCESS!

Movie time. Last photo.

Do take note that this photos are taken under influence.

We will never ever attempt to do this sober. huhuh...

This is my second friend leaving to the States, and if you read the post of the first guy and wondered why this one, I don't have anything to say, that's cz these photos says everything.

We also gave him a surprise in the airport which he was late for 1 hour in comparison to the time he said he's leaving home.

His expression was priceless. A mindfucked look and he kept walking further and further. (Secretly, he's holding his tears.) LOL...

Anyway, I still need to say, have fun in NY and rmbr what you promised me kay?! teeheehe...

Take care and see ya real soon. Bubye!! XD


  1. pak weh baru? lol caryn

  2. pompuan, read properly lar... "my second friend leaving to the states"

  3. what the?!!!!! crap i am laughing like mad now

  4. i'm still shocked that we did this. lol...