Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sheraton Imperial

was having this great buffet. How great?

Every hotel also got buffet. What makes this special?

It also depends on what you see as special.

They actually has New Zealand Oysters flown in FRESH!

Not only that, there's free flow of red or white wine or both if you like. XD

Enough of talking. Here's some photos.

Looking at this photo makes me drool all over again!!

Yes!! Lots of Tabasco pleaseeee!!

Within I don't know how long, it's gone!! hohoh...

A taste of almost everything?

Then, there is a bloke here, who does not eat oysters or sashimi or whatsoever. So what he eat lar???

100 bucks chap fan(economy mixed rice) LOL

But ok la.. not all is wasted when there is a spread of dessert that looks like this!!

Rubbing stomach and burp. heheh...

 Then, we went downstairs to the lounge to "chill".

I looked burnt here. hahah.. but I still loike!

And the rest is history.

All photos's credit goes to Howe. As usual, I'm all about eating and never take photo. =(

Tempted much? Here's the link for more details.

Oh wait, did I mention the promotion ends this 31st of July??

5 more days left!!! HURRY!!!

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