Saturday, July 24, 2010

World cup street party

@ Bangsar Telawi 3. Here where/how I got the invites. :)

Be warned that this post consists of quite some photos.

So, run while you still can!!

BTW, this post is long overdue. T_T

Lazy to post is the reason.

After registration at the counter which I coincidentally bump in to Shirlaine who is working there that night! woot!!

This is what I see.

Then we continue to walk and walk and walk till we found the VIP booth to FREE FLOW!!

Without wasting much time, we minum la dulu! lol

There's also games that you can play which only cost about 5 bucks.

And the prizes are mad crazy!! There's like PSP, camera, mp3 n lots I can't remember.

Also it's quite easy to win!!

But i wore killer heels that night, so I can't participate or I'll fall flat on my face.  haha

There's also fooood!!! Kinda overpriced but with events like this, you'll be mad to find reasonable price. haha..

And we kept walking around to check out other booths.

Guess who I bumped into?

The friendly giant!! lol..

See what I mean?? Everyone around him looks tiny. And that's his gf Jessmine.

We have a huge screen in front of our table!!! No need to go squeeze with the crowd. fuh...

Table decorations. Quite nice, eh?

Also, lots of camwhore photos here and there. hehe..

I don't know who's that red head. Whatever. haha..

And Kenny(giant) asked me to go for a photo too. I just realize that Shaun Lee the beat boxer is behind me! haha..

I've never heard him performing but I must say, he is really GOOD!!

Awesome performance!!

More camwhore..

And when everyone got tired of camwhoring, I do it alone. :)

There's this huge goal full of balls. What you're suppose to do is to guess how many balls in there.

If you're right, guess what? You'll win a Lotus.

Not this lotus lar..

It's this hot red Lotus Elise!!

Then I continue walking around and saw a friend. Asha! I met her when I was studying in SEGi college.

A very sweet bubbly girl. :)

Yess, that's her on the left. She's actually working so, I just randomly snapped a photo of her.

After that, I went for face painting!!

Well you can basically paint the flag of the country you're supporting that night which is Spain or Germany.

Can you guess what I painted??

Yes! You're right! Spain!!

What about emo-boi?

Spain too!!!!

After face painting, what else? camwhore la! lol..

Natalie is also one of the emcee for the night. :)

Emo-boi: Bitch! camwhore without me. =(
Me: OK LA... Come la...

Oh ya, Caprice was there too...

There's also some drum performance. *dum dum tak*

This is the crowd about eleven clock. CRAZY!!!! And we gotta fight thru the crowd to get drinks each time. FOL.

Anyway, I ended the night with the referee's whistle at 12 and went home.

Sigh.. would really die to stay but got work the next day. so, =(

But hey, WAIT!

The night ended, not the post!

There's a Goodie bag remember??

I went home and checked them out 1 by 1.

Inside, there's this pong bong for you to make enough noise and support your favourite team.

Also, a 1 time use raincoat! Incase it rains. *aaawww* how considerate!

Snack to eat while watching footie?

Shampoo to wash your hair when it rains? haha..

And also a lighter. Nice, eh? me likey very much. :)

Okay... It's the end of the post already. Go nao!! XD

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