Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Worth every single penny

and willingly to let them keep the change. It is that good!!

Those who love to eat, especially Japanese cuisine, this is a must eat!!

 Here, Restaurant Kobe something something.. the name is really long! =.='''

Anyway, it's in SS15 Subang Jaya, turn in from the Canai Cafe, same row. :)

And may I present the food?!

This photo definitely does not do it's justice. The tiny piece on my plate is an ox tongue!

Super delicious! Star of the night!! It is grilled and then sprinkle on some natural salt, dip in to the lime juice, voila!

I can feel my saliva growing in my mouth right now! T_T

It's not the all thanks to the natural salt and the lime juice. It's our server who grilled it to perfection!! It just gets very juicy on each bite.

Must savour every bite. XD

Closer shot. The white plate is the ox tongue and on it's left is the prime rib eye and of course,
some vegetables!

Kim chi on the house!!

Oh wait, I said Japanese right? Why got Kim chi 1? I also don't know.

Do Japanese serve Kim chi too? or maybe it's just sesat.

The meal is soo delicious that i forgot to take photos of the food that came after that. T_T

Slaps self!

Oh ya.. They made us wear this. lol..

How considerate of them in case we spill or something like that. :)

And after that, we had ice-cream as dessert.

I had green tea or known as matcha to some peeps. :)

Black sesame seed ice-cream! Slapped emo-boy's hand when he digged in before I snap a photo.
=( Behind actually got 1 big hole. hahaha...

After dinner, we went back to emo-boy's house for some drinking/bonding session. haha..

After 3 hours and card games.

He is definitely disoriented. LOL..

and maybe crazy?? Nop! That's cz we set the rule in the game of Ring of Fire is to touch your brow with your index finger and your lips with the middle finger through out the entire game!.

Resulting this retarded face. lololol...

Whiskey neat! I'm punished to drink it at 1 go cz I took the wrong card. T_T

But hey, that's when your gungho friends stand up and help you drink half of it right?!

Thanks Nagen! heheh...

A peace sign by the cheek through out the game. Hoho.. My idea! cz i think it will definitely annoy the guys to look cute all the time. heheh...

After the card game ended, we had truth or dare. It got really boring cz we basically knew everything bout each other. :D

So, this is one of the dare. emo-boy gotta bury his face into Umar's hair and draw in a deep breath. LOLOLOLOL...

Also, there's twister!! Amazing how human body can twist huh? (maybe fart at the right time too)

After twister, we got tired and tone down lil to Indian poker!

This time, no drinking. Only a competition of drawing the face on the loser. And I took the aftermath of the scribblings on the face. T_T

Warning: The photos can be really scary and fugly. Nightmare for a month is guaranteed.

This is includes both side face, a normal n a funny face.

Umar H.

Emo-boy! lolololol...

Nagen!! Look at those crazy eyes! LOL

Lastly mine.

I'm actually very super duper reluctant to put mine up.

But hey, you'll only live once! Why bother being shy or embarrassed?

I'm not stealing or murdering or doing anything bad.

So, with a deep breath and my eyes close,

I clicked!

There you go. I'm a mixture of don't know what! Ggrrr....

A bit of tribal, with Hitler and goatee. =.=""

After that, we decided to call it a night! Guess what?

Everyone took 1 scrub with the facial wash to wash off the scribbles.

Note: It's an eye-liner pencil that i don't want anymore.

And emo-boy took 3 times. haha.. I guess his skin is just extra sensitive.

But talk about sensitive, I think mine is worst k!

I will never ever forget this! Once, we took marker pen! Those permanent 1 samor.

And did almost the same thing, but on the belly of course. hoho..

What happen? The writings is like tattoo-ed to my skin for a week!

That's why this time, I'm smart enough to use something my skin would allow. :D

I'm sorry if my photos scared some of you but I did put out the warning. So... yea.

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  1. wah... Kobe Gyu Taku Yakiniku and Steak looks like a good place to eat! PLUS have KIMCHI =O!!!!
    wow wow owoww wowowow!!!!~~~ im going nuts here.