Friday, July 9, 2010

Unknown parcel

If you follow me on twitter, you'll see I did mention that i received something in my mailbox yesterday.

When I took it, i thought it belongs to my dad but no! My name's on it!!

I started to scratch my head and wonder what is it?? Cz I did not buy anything online.

What could it be?! A bomb? A lawyer letter? A lottery that i won a million??

What is it?!

The next day, I stole half hour of my working time in the morning to go to the post office to collect it. :D

So I took a number and waited patiently. heheh...

When my number is blinking, I ran walked to the respective counter.

To my fucking horror,

Lady: The parcel is not here yet.

Me: WTF? (in my head of course) What are you talking about? they left the letter for me to collect it, how can it not be here??

Lady: Oh, no la, the post office that is in charge of this parcels is the blah blah headquarters. And they are suppose to deliver them today.

Me: Then?

Lady: 10.30 am only arrive.

Do note that i was there at 9 am. (boss not in the office yet, so can sneak out. heheh..)

I was speechless and pissed! Wtf. This means i gotta use my own lunch time to go and collect it later.

Moral: working time, WORK! Don't do personal stuff! Karma will make you do them twice!

OkOk.. so i went at during lunch time.

This time, not so excited ady lor... What if the crazy lady tell me the vehicle accident or some shit

and didnt make it?? I will KILL her I tell you!!!

But, thank God! I got it! heheh...

It's an envelope! What is it?? Someone wanna sue me ar?? huhu...

So I carefully open it. And pulled out this!

The only thing written on the envelope is DEFINE. Define aper o?!

Ish... Make me kan chiong only...

Then i faster open it and pulled out these!

Wahlau... Scared me lor... Thought what, it's some invite(s) to the World Cup Street Party @ Bangsar-Telawi 3.

A bit happy cz I know I didn't kena sue. And also a bit disappointed cz I didn't win a million dollar. LOL..

So it's invitation on 11th July to party all night and also watch World Cup Finals Live!

Starts from 8pm with free flow of beer!! (wah.. something i can't resist lor!!)

Not bad eh? They closed the whole stretch of Telawi 3(RED).

 And the entrance would be the beginning of the RED bar. And a giant screen at the other end.

Hmm... party and drinking in the middle of the road. First time! haha..

So for now, i guess all I need is some people who are ready to chug some beers and screamm gooaall!!


  1. wow...tats great..the party will so much of fun!!!!

  2. yup!! but unfortunately on sun. so prolly gotta leave early. =(

  3. nice leh..cna go world cup party.. better than summons!

  4. saman oso send thru pos laju?! keng!

  5. yup! vip samor. but i think everyone who got the invitation oso got the word vip there. hahah...

  6. haha ... u sound very funny , so nice to gets the VIP invites ehh .....

  7. aiya... everyone oso vip. same same only. hahah...