Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do you remember

when you were a kid, things you love to do but no longer doing?

Well, there maybe lotsa reasons why we never kept that hobby.

Did someone told its not cool??

Or you're too old for that?

Or that's not the "in" thing anymore?

Whatever the reasons is, I'm pretty gadamn sure that we had lotsa fun.

I remember that i love to collect stamps. hahah.... sounds lame rite?!

But that was a very long time ago! I think when i was 8-10 y/o.

Reason is, i think it's really cool that they came from places. Places that i may never have been before.  And i

got them from cousins, brother and etc. Funny thing is, they laughed when i said i want them. =(

Prolly that's why i stopped. cz they think it's silly. wtf.

Besides that, I remember myself playing with Barbie!

Eh, wait.. Sorry.. not barbie lar!

It's toy guns! eheheh.... Yep. That's what i play. No masak-masak(cooking) game or barbie.

 I play cowboy cowgirl, police, superman, etc. Don't give me that weird stare please!

You can't blame me kay? I grew up with two elder brothers! So, it's either you expect my brothers to play

masak-masak with me or I play guns with them.

The outcome is obvious i think. LOL.

And I remember when glass bottle like this still exist basicly everywhere(make me sound damn old. wtf.)

we collect this!
The caps!! And we shoot/flick/watever-you-call them. I don't know how you play them, but I have them

stacked on a table, grab one myself and start shooting it off the table. If you missed it, next person's turn.

Aiya, i think ya'll should know the game better than i do. =)

And we can always use replacement like marbles. But I never liked playing with them.

First, cz it hurts my finger when you try to flick them!

Second, I thought they are too beautiful to be damaged.

Also, do you remember a game that you will most deffos will play in high school??

Choose your favourite cloth and begged your mom to sew them for you??

Are you thinking what I am?

Yes!! Batu Seremban!! (sorry, i don't think there's a English name for it. is there?)

Here's how it works if you don't know how the game goes already. =)

And the last that I can think of but deffos not least. Rope skipping!!

Yes, I used to play them with my brothers. And cause they are way older than me, they always bully me! =(

How? By setting the bar so high, i can't achieve lor!!

Plus ours super elastic kay! Made by rubber bands by ourself.

Imagine the pain when you lift your leg so high up to cross it. OUCH!! haha

It seems quite random of me to create such a post, but something reminded me of the childhood games.

Where life is so much more simple, that your only stress is, what do you play next.

When you're a kid, you'd kill to grow up. But once you grew up, you'd kill to be a kid again.

The irony of life eh?


  1. i used to collect stamps too! but i dun think kids nowadays do that anymore... huhu

  2. i don think they even recognise that as a hobby. for them, prolly games or watsover lor.. all the tech-y stuff.

  3. yeah use to play all those things...those were the day except the barbie doll

  4. waa batu seremban....
    mmm looks like u din play any electronics game at all. not that makes myself weird instead.