Thursday, July 22, 2010

I joined an eating competition

So the other day, I was at the Korean Street Food SS15, Subang for dinner and saw a flyer on ON FIRE CHALLENGE.

o.O That is my favourite food in KSF!!

And I was thinking bout it for days. And I asked a couple of guys to join me.

Cz if I fail, it won't be that embarrassing, no? teeeheeee...

So the rules is,

8 freaking minutes. And if it were to be on the normal bowl, ok la... sure can no problemo!

But it's a phreaking JUMBO size ler... T_T

How come they did not mention what are you winning besides getting in to the WALL OF FAME?

I asked them and they said you will get free drinks that last a life time (or atleast till the wrapped up)!! WOOT...

So how big is the bowl ler??

Wait and lemme camwhore abit 1st.

After work and did I mention super hungry??? RAWRRRR~~

Another constestant flown in from Sri Lanka!! *DING DING DING*

The last contestant, walked from IPOH! *DING DING DING*

We are also allowed to drink water or watsoever beverages in the process of 8 minutes.

So I chose,

Hot choco with Marshmallow. :D

OK ok... cut the chase.

Here's a rough idea how it looks.

YES!! Each person 1!! Can feed almost the whole village in Africa man!!

I was trembling literally screaming, I don't want to join already!!! T_T

How to win la...

Anyway, we dig in like some hungry ghost. But after some time, our mouth can't stand the heat and the spiciness.

Slowed down like mad!!

Finally, 8 minutes's time's up!!

Here are the result!!

Contestant from Sri Lanka's bowl pot!



Could the contestant that walked from IPOH be so hungry and won it??

NO! He failed BIGGER TIME THAN MINE cz he has more!! eheheh....

So as you can see, we are deffos gonna end up in the WALL OF SHAME. Well, at least no in the Box of Shame, eh? :)

It may look easy. But hey, look here.

Finger for comparison and it's half of this pot kay!!

And let me show you the Wall Of SHAME

So many tried, so many failed! Anyway, our photos are not up yet. teeheee....

And shall we look at the Wall of FAME?

Since so many tried, how many succeed??

2? No la, I think they said 5. Others is not up yet. But I really really think those who succeed is a pig man.

Anyway, this shall not stop you from trying rite??

If you have never failed, you have never lived.

At least now, I can tick the Eating Challenge off my things to do before I die. :D


  1. yeh yeh!!! u wanna giv it a try??? kekeke...

  2. "The last contestant, walked from IPOH!"..ROFLMAO