Thursday, February 10, 2011

Empire State of Mine

Yes, Empire State of Mine, geddit geddit?! XD 
Anyway, this post is looonnngggggg due. Well, I'm suppose to post it last month but lotsa things came up. So it's busy busy busy.... 

Even for this post itself, I gotta spare my lunch time to do it. FML. 

And I proudly present to you Empire State Building. 

Once you entered the lobby, this is what you'll see. Don't forget to take a picha yea!! 

After that, you'll nicely go thru a security screening and pay an amount for 21usd to go to the 86th floor. (extra 20usd for 102nd floor view)

Once you step outta lift, you'll see this
Observation deck :DDDDD

Crowded! This just makes the photo taking even harder. 
Well, this is not it, there's an outdoor but it's freezing cold. Mind you, we're at the 86th floor and the wind is like blowing ice. Bbbrrrr~~~

I'm very cold intolerant. 

See what the mean by New York as the concrete jungle, no?

Here, a closer look. I swear there's no land that has no building on it.

Then you can see the Chrysler Building. It was the tallest building in the world during 1930. Not for long tho. 18 months later, Empire State Building boomed out with 102nd floor. 

This is the only picha of me in ESB. Cz it was freeezing cold. And I guess I still picked style compared to comfort in my last contemplation.

102nd floor is just up there!!! Maybe I can climb up there and save 20usd. lol..

Okay, maybe this is the 2nd picha of me in ESB. And even this is done with a mirror. Reason? 

Why? Cz Emo-Boi is so called phobia of birds. Yes, any kind of birds. Even those tiny ones that you can one step them to death. Oh well, nvm. Sigh..

After you took a lift down to chao, you will surely pass this. 

ESB miniature style!

LEGO'S style! 

And not to forget the Gorrila POOP! It's candy actually. ><

May I end this post with a proper picha of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building as background? XD

Oh... How I miss NYC now. =( That's it for now. Tata


  1. Nice view of NewYork, it is windy though. I went there last time at night and the view lagi best. (my cap was blown away tat time)

  2. I know... so sad.. i accidentally placed my ESB on a day schedule. fml. nvm.. i will be going back again for the nite view. XD

  3. have fun then. i think, you able to capture a very nice night view with your dslr. btw, happy chinese new yeear.

  4. thanks.. happy chinese new year to you too. :)