Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wall Street

We were lucky enough to get off on the right station(subway) and came right exactly to the New York Stock Exchange! :D

Yup, the grand entrance. 

I'm not sure, might be the back door. 

And the visit to Wall Street will never be complete if you did not visit the Bull. So off we went searching for it. 

And we walk and walk... 

Can't see the damn bull but manage to spot another Trump Building on my left and Tiffany.Co on my right.

So with Emo-boi's iphone we walked down the street. And then up. 

To find this big Bull's balls! 

If you came all the way to see the bull, you gotta touch it rite?! LOL! Okay, enuf with the balls, let's put a face to that butt.

This is one the best shot that I can get as the bull is surrounded by tourist molesting him. The location is not very strategic as the Bull is located at the middle of the street. And to make things worst, the snow makes it a lil more dangerous. 

Anyway, after done molesting sightseeing, we walked back down. There's a church in Wall Street! 

And apparently the Queen Elizabeth II was there. okay, everybody lets wooooo~~

That's it for Wall Street. 

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